Welcome to Windsurfing

Welcome to Windsurfing

Welcome to Windsurfing

2019 has seen some brilliant events to get the Windsurfer family out together.

The Mayo Mayhem

One event that stands out must be the Mayo Mayhem, a Windsurfing Wave sailing competition on Achill Island, Co May. Their aim every year is to have an epic long weekend of sailing on the last weekend of Sept. The incredible commitment of the team from Bull Island Windsurfers, Pure Magic and the Irish Windsurfing Association make this a weekend to remember for the participants and groupies.

Mayo Mayhem’s mantra is to be the most welcoming, friendly and encouraging wave event in the world. What more can you want in an organised event 😊 and what better place than Ireland’s west coast.

I think the video below says it all …

Brandon Bay Classic

This summer also saw sailors from across Ireland and Scotland come to Kerry for the Brandon Bay Classic wave competition. They were treated with high winds to play with on Saturday, and even though Sunday went a bit mushy the sailors got out on the water to wet their heads. Beginners were given a warm welcome with the more experienced hands watching over them and offering encouragement. The mix of age, experience and kit from all generations was wonderful to see on the beach.

Wetting your appetite ?

Windsurfing comes in many forms and when you don’t have the waves then speed and slalom gives a whole different challenge. This coming weekend (16th & 17th November) Bantry is host to the Irish Windsurfing Association final race meeting and again in true IWA style they are welcoming newbies and oldies to the event.

If you haven’t raced in an Irish event before or not raced in over 10years, then your entry is free on a WILDCARD. It’s only 25 quid for everyone else, but that sweetener to encourage people on to the water is brilliant. Well done IWA. Not sure if you are good enough? Don’t worry: they have a Fun Fleet for the newcomers and the fast boards head off in the Gold Fleet to show us how it is done.

Here is a great quote from the IWA event “So, if you’re free on the 16th/17th Nov, do come along and join in. You don’t have to do all the races, yet you can still win a prize! (...we’ll fix the results so you do win something😜) Get in touch if you’re keen to come have an awesome weekend with like-minded windsurfers!”

Photographs thanks to Marco Cavalleri and John McDermott