What Colour Is Your Diesel?

What Colour Is Your Diesel?

The 2019 Finance Bill Confirms the Move to White Diesel

Taken from PWC’s summary of the Finance Bill
Mineral Oil Tax - Private Pleasure Navigation
The Finance Bill also introduces measures to bring national law into line with EU law in respect of the use of marked gas oils for private pleasure navigation. The impact of these changes means that there will be a prohibition on the use of marked gas oil for such private pleasure navigation from 1 January 2020. Offences and penalties applicable to the misuse of marked gas oil will now extend to private pleasure navigation.”

What colour diesel is in your tank?

It has been pointed out to the Revenue that some boats refuel at longer than annual intervals and will therefore likely have some green in their tanks for a long time to come.

It is not known at this stage how this will be policed and while it is possible to measure the proportions of white / green through a test, rather than a simple colour check, it is not known what type of checks will be made – where or when. The enforcement may come in at the point of sale, making the providers responsible for policing the sale of green, and we have to assume that suppliers will refuse to put green diesel in a leisure vessel. The Revenue has not yet formally told oil suppliers about the change, but the legislation is still on its way through the Dail. There is a working group within the department looking at implementation and we will share any information we get as soon as it comes through.

Our article of November 2018 gave useful info on locations for purchasing white diesel along the coast, thanks to research by Norman Kean -

Norman has been continually updating his research and we can give you an update on sources of supply.

Howth, Dun Laoghaire, Greystones, Crosshaven (2 or 3 pumps) and Kinsale (1 or 2) will switch to white. No decision has yet been taken at Malahide and Kilmore Quay.

Castletownbere (Beara Oil), Bantry (Biggs) and Dingle (McSweeney) will have white diesel by tanker available in modest quantities and at relatively short notice (as traditionally for green).

Kilrush Marina will have white diesel by towable bowser available from a filling station by arrangement.  

Carlingford, Arklow and Dingle will have white diesel in cans available. At Carlingford and Arklow the customer may have to provide the cans, but they'll be filled. Elsewhere, filling stations only.

Roundstone has a filling station within easy walking distance (200m) of the pier.

Sligo 500 metres walk, Killybegs 1 km walk to the filling station.

If you know of a white diesel supplier along the coast or inland waterways, please pass on the details and we can update our list.

So what is the Penalty?

We have been informed that the penalty for having green diesel in the tank could be up to €5000, as for cars. The average penalty for cars (300 prosecutions a year) is reported to be €2500.

Advice for now

Keep receipts when you fill, so that you can prove you have ‘gone white’.