Race Official Policy Group News  Sept 2019

Race Official Policy Group News Sept 2019

Race Official Policy Group News 

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Sept 2019

Including ... Event Safety ... Race Official Insurance ... Approval of applicants as Race Officials ... Cources run recently ... Expenses ... Eurosaf ~ Race Official Exchange ... Denilal of righ of appeal ... Sport Irleand Grants ... Availability of Judges ... Local Umpire Course ...Race Officials Conference 2020

Welcome Aboard

The Race Official Policy Group (ROPG) is the subcommittee of Irish Sailing which looks after race management and all race officials’ qualifications. It is made up of the Irish Sailing President Jack Roy, representatives of each of the six race official disciplines recognised by Irish Sailing. Irish Sailing’s Racing Officer, Sarah-Louise Rossiter, is secretary and convenor. It meets four times a year. The current chairman is David Lovegrove, former Irish Sailing President. The ROPG itself is governed by terms of reference approved by the main board of Irish Sailing.

___________   Event Safety 
The ROPG wants to introduce an Event Safety Coordinator Course and some form of certification for people responsible for management of safety at events. Progress is being made, and it is hoped there will be a clear proposal for consideration in early course. Caution is necessary due to the responsibilities involved.

___________   Race Official Insurance
For some time the ROPG has been examining the possibility of setting up an Irish Sailing Race Officials insurance scheme. Regrettably this has not been possible and it does not seem likely to be available in the short or medium term due to the state of the insurance industry. For now, the ROPG can only remind all Race Officials involved in organising or supporting on the water activities, to be sure they are covered by adequate insurance. Most clubs do hold such insurance, but it is important that the insurance does exist and that it does cover all the intended activities. As we all know insurance companies carefully word their policies so as to limit the persons covered, the extent of any liability and the activity covered so, if you are asked to be involved in an event or other activity, be sure all the insurance boxes are ticked. Remember there can be no short-cuts or assumptions when it comes to insurance.

___________   Approval of applicants as Race Officials
Seven applicants were considered for different positions and of these Michael Tyrell (RIYC) was approved as a National Race Officer and John Downing (RCYC) was approved as a Local Race Officer. Sarah-Louise Rossiter (WHBTC) was approved as a Regional Mark Layer. Other applications were deferred pending further enquiry, incomplete application or mentors were assigned as a necessary preliminary to qualification. All applicants are reminded and requested to please ensure they fully complete the application forms for the various positions. This will help ensure the necessary information is provided first time and the application can be processed promptly. The forms are available the Race Officials area on Irish Sailing website www.sailing.ie/Racing/Race-officials.

___________   Courses run recently
Two LRO courses were run by Ciaran McSweeney and David O’Brien in Cork with 32 attendees and a National/Regional Mark Laying course was run by Mal Nowlan & Ed Totterdell in Dun Laoghaire with 9 attendees. For upcoming courses see here - link.

___________   Expenses
It has been reported that there is considerable disparity in expenses paid to race officials who travel distances to support events. Bearing in mind that no race official gets paid for their time and effort, it is unreasonable to expect him or her to be out of pocket for basic expenses. The ROPG is working on expense guidelines so there are no surprises or unhappiness. These should be available soon.

___________   Eurosaf ~Race Official Exchange
This is a very important scheme under which IS proposes National Level race officials who wish to experience events overseas. On a reciprocal basis officials from other World Sailing organisations are introduced to and assist at Irish events. The ROPG received reports of exchanges so far this year and has started compiling a list of suitable events and applications for next year. If you’re interested contact Sarah-Louise Rossiter (sl.rossiter@sailing.ie).

___________   Denial of right of appeal
At certain events it is not realistic to allow a protracted appeal process against a protest committee finding. However, as access to an appeal is a desirable and normally allowed, it can only be restricted in very limited circumstances. It came to light that under the existing Irish Sailing prescriptions limiting the right of appeal is almost impossible to implement correctly. A new more user-friendly prescription is under review by the ROPG and the Racing Rules Committee and will be submitted to the Irish Sailing board for its approval shortly.

___________   Sport Ireland Grants
Applications for grants to assist funding of “Women on The Water” programme and international jury funding were approved by Sport Ireland and IS is proceeding with the next steps to plan the programme for these.

___________   Availability of Judges
Many events are finding difficulty in getting judges and umpires for events. All current judges have been written to seeking cooperation in dealing with the shortfall. Also agreed that additional judging courses need to be run - noting there is one upcoming in Carrickfergus on 16/17 November and another planned for early 2020 in Howth, dates tbc.

___________   First Irish Sailing Local Umpire Course

  • Saturday, 9th November 2019
  • Time: 08.00 - 17.30
  • Location: Royal St. George Yacht Club
  • €20

Sign up here...

___________   Race Officials Conference 2020
The conference date is set for Saturday 21 March 2020 in Dun Laoghaire. The ROPG seeks ideas for topics which Race Officials would like to have discussed at the conference. Ideas please to sl.rossiter@sailing.ie

Are you listed?

The full database of current Race Officials is now on the Irish Sailing website at www.sailing.ie/Racing/Race-officials Are you there? All correct?
If there is an issue please contact Sarah-Louise sl.rossiter@sailing.ie

Race Official Policy Group

David Lovegrove – Chair
Mal Nowlan – Mark Layer
Jack Roy – Race Officer and President of Irish Sailing
Michael O’Connor – Judge and Umpire
Gordon Davies – Judge and Umpire
Ciarán Mc Sweeney – Race Officer and Event Safety
Philip Scallan – Mark Layer and Event Safety
Ailbe Millerick – Judge and Umpire
Fergus O’Kelly – Judge, Measuring and Equipment Inspection
Liam Maloney – Race Officer
Sarah – Louise Rossiter – Irish Sailing Racing Officer

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