Pathfinder Women Sustainability Goals

Pathfinder Women Sustainability Goals

Irish Sailing Pathfinder Women Sustainability Goals

Sailing is a green sport, powered by the wind. The water is our playing field and it is in our own interest to protect it. Last year Irish Sailing took the Clean Seas Turn the Tide on Plastic pledge and we constantly monitor our events for the best sustainability practices.

For the Pathfinder Women at the Helm regatta, Irish Sailing registered the event to the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events - ‘Clean Regattas’ with Sailors for the Sea.

The Clean Regatta certification system offers a set of “green standards” that events can adhere to with levels at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

The Women at the Helm Regatta is aiming for Platinum. This is an extremely high standard with the usual standards of zero single-use plastic and composting, plus considerations to travel, carbon footprint offsetting, education and much more.

The purpose of aiming for the highest of standards is to stretch “the norm” of event planning and adapt practices for future events, as well as reduce the environmental impact of this regatta. Even if a lower level of Gold is achieved in the process, many lessons will be learnt by participants and organisers.

One step is making all the prizes from repurposed materials and some usable items -

  • Bags from recycled sail cloth by AK Sails
  • Pictures of sail boats from repurposed “Drift Glass & Pottery” by Beachjuls
  • Change purses from upcycled wetsuits by the Upcycle Movement
  • And the Perpetual Trophy from is made from Bog Ash and Copper by Celtic Roots


See full details of the environmental steps taken go here …