Insurance Premiums

Insurance Premiums

Insurance in Irish Sailing Clubs & Centres

... have your premiums risen significantly? We want to hear from you.

We have been getting feedback from clubs and training centres of significant increases in insurance costs that are having a negative impact on the running of activities. There is an element of déjà vu as this was a prevalent problem in the early 1990s. The issue at that time became so bad that some clubs and centres were unable even to get insurance quotes for their activities.

Group Schemes

One possible solution suggested is to establish a new group scheme specifically for Irish Sailing organisations. This was investigated in the early 90s, with a number of organisations signing up to a joint scheme. The issue however arises when an organisation makes a large claim – for example if a storm were to wipe out the pontoons of a club, or a large club were to be destroyed by fire resulting in a large claim. This would result in an inevitable hike in the premium for the group scheme, which whilst might be relatively manageable for larger organisations, would be unsustainable for the smaller organisations in the scheme.

The current group scheme for Irish Sailing affiliated clubs is set up via the Federation of Irish Sport with JLT Insurance. To get a quote from them, please reference that you are an Irish Sailing affiliated organisation, and let us know the outcomes.

Discount Schemes

Irish Sailing in the past has also looked into a discount scheme for Irish Sailing Clubs. Again the experience was not positive, as the discounts were applied as ‘introductory offers’, and over time - once the business was secured, clubs found their premiums rising again to market rates. As a result, at present there is no specific discount scheme for Irish Sailing affiliated organisations.

Irish Sailing and the Alliance for Insurance Reform

The issue of insurance is not solely a problem for sailing. As has been well publicised in the media, it is a problem in all sectors of Irish society today. Irish Sailing, along with many other national governing bodies and sporting organisations in Ireland, are joining forces and through the Federation of Irish Sport are working towards membership of the ‘Alliance for Insurance Reform’. Any information received from organisations in respect of their insurance experience will help enormously to inform this process.

The Alliance for Insurance Reform is a representative group formed with the sole objective of reducing spiralling insurance costs in Ireland to sustainable levels.  The group consists of a wide range of civic, sporting and small business bodies as well as individual businesses; all of them affected by the unsustainable cost of insurance in Ireland. The Alliance has had several meetings with government officials and continues to lobby on our behalf to alert government to the spiralling costs of insurance in this country. You can follow their progress here:

We want to hear from you

We would be interested to hear the recent experiences of our Clubs and Centres. Has your premium risen significantly in recent years? If so by how much? Is it as a result of recent claims, expansion of activities/premises or simply market forces? What are your experiences of group or discount schemes ? Please email your thoughts and comments to