Tom Dolan's Emotional Roller Coaster

Tom Dolan's Emotional Roller Coaster

Dolan expects a penalty after using his engine to get away from the rocks in the tidal race at Alderney yesterday on Leg 3 of La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro.

His emotional and raw interview as he came in to port says it all ...

 “It was a bit of a mad one, an emotional roller coaster. I never had it like that. I had a really bad start and I was at the end of every one and it felt awful.”

“I was thinking “What am I doing here? What the hell am I doing here? “

“I managed to get lucky and skip past the whole fleet, but then ended up running aground at Alderney. Tanguy and I got sucked in to a sorta washing machine jacuzzi thing, with the tide pushing us back and the wind was pushing us forward. The two boats got kinda piled on top of a rock and it hit the keel about 20 times. I luckily managed to put the engine on and get out of there, but Tanguy didn’t manage to. It was mad, I never saw it before. The tide was pushing us back and the wind was pushing us forward, so there was a spiral that would push forward and back and the boat was going “boob, boob, boob” hopping off the ground.”

“So after that, the whole fleet managed to get through and I was last and ended up anchoring and was lucky I did well enough to anchor, because the ridge of high pressure moved north and the wind came in from the south and I managed it. The next morning I was in the top ten!!”

“Oh WOW, what a day!! I have never had so much of an emotional roller coaster in my life!! It was mad.”

“One to remember anyway!!!”

You can watch the race track HERE ...

Flick forward to 3:13 for Tom Dolan's interview in english.