Irish Sailing Passport Familiarisation Webinar

Irish Sailing Passport Familiarisation Webinar

Tips and Tricks to Prepare Using the Irish Sailing Passport This Season

Following the positive feedback from the first webinar held in March we have decided to run a second on the evening of May 27th . The aim of the webinar is to prepare for the coming season and help ensure you and your instructors are up to date with all the tips and tricks for using the Irish Sailing Passport online log.

Dominik Jablecki from Checklick will host a webinar ...

... Monday May 27th from 19:30 – 21:30.

The Webinar will cover

  • Registering Participants
  • Registering Instructors / Evaluators
  • Logging activity / Evaluations
  • Viewing participants you are billed for
  • Functionality Demonstration
  • Q & A

To register simply follow the link here

The previous webinar is available on our YouTube channel here.