We want to hear your news

We want to hear your news

Send us your event reviews

We love to hear from our members. If you’re sending us your event reports, please use the Irish Sailing email address If we have space in our content pipeline, we’ll post them up on our Facebook channel (and other channels where appropriate).

What’s the best way of sending an event report for publication ?

  1. Your report:
    1. Should be either a word or text within an email – NO PDFs
    2. 200-300 words max
    3. Have the full name of the event
    4. Have the full name of the club
    5. the classes involved
    6. when the event took place
    7. who wrote the report
    8. and who took the photos (we’ll assume you have permission to use these photos)
    9. it may seem obvious, but please spell check and read through your report before sending
    10. If you’re including results, please send them in a spreadsheet, HTML, Word or Sailwave.  NO PDFs or photos of the results please
  2. For boats that have more than one person, please mention the crew 😊
  3. Photos grab the attention of viewers. They need to:
    1. Be no smaller than 800 pixals wide / 100kb +
    2. Have photographer approval
    3. Credit the photographer
    4. Have a name for each image (calling it “IMG 122884” makes it difficult to identify later)
    5. Remember, we may not be able to use all of your photos

Image from Sailing in Dublin - thanks guys (some season fun) - if you have a May Day fun plan send on your story and pics