Get Ready to be Green in 2019

Get Ready to be Green in 2019

Get Ready to be Green in 2019

Irish Sailing are taking steps to help support and encourage sailors, clubs, centres and boat owners to reduce the impact our activities have on the environment and working with World Sailing is step 1.

World Sailing ratified their Sustainability Agenda 2030 in 2018 and it outlines how the sport will contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and Irish Sailing are looking forward to working alongside World Sailing throughout the development.

The ‘Sustainability Agenda 2030’ is split up into World Sailing's six main operational areas with a total of 56 different targets. These targets range from participation to gender equality, water quality to single use plastic.

Delivery of the Sustainability Agenda 2030 will be ongoing with various timeframes for achievement of the targets

The World Sailing Vision is …

“A world in which millions more people fall in love with sailing; inspired by the unique relationship between sport, technology and the forces of nature, we all work to protect the waters of the world.”

One element of the agenda is to establish a robust approach to sustainability across the sport, sharing best practice and setting standards and targets, focusing on World Sailing operations, events and venues.

To achieve this goal World Sailing are working on a set of standards that sailors, boat owners and venues can work towards implementing and be part of the drive to improve sustainability. These will be available in Winter 2019/20. Irish Sailing are working with World Sailing to help set these standards and pilot their implementation.

In the meantime Irish Sailing have been working on a few actions of their own.  

Here are a few Irish Sailing Sustainability actions implemented to date …

  1. Working with World Sailing to help implement elements of their Sustainability Agenda 2030.
  2. Damian Foxall as Irish Sailing Ambassador to represent our efforts, encourage participation and provide guidance for best practice and implementation.
  3. A series of “Get Ready to be Green” messages commence on social media platforms to give gentle reminders of actions we can all make to prepare for the season ahead and reduce our impact on the environment. SEE THEM GROW HERE.

Coming down the line very soon …

  1. Clubs, centres and classes will be asked to nominate a “Sustainability Officer”, as quoted from Damian’s talk at the Irish Sailing Cruising Conference in Lough Ree Yacht Club at the weekend … “The Sustainability Officer is as important to have in an organisation as the Commodore”. With someone to gently steer a committee to making new decisions in ways everyone operates, we can really make a difference.
  2. Irish Sailing are working on a set of “Sustainability Implementation Development” steps clubs and centres can follow and to work towards making environmental impact part of their everyday consideration.
  3. Irish Sailing will be running their own internal sustainability audit on operations and policies.
  4. All Irish Sailing own events will follow sustainability criteria.
  5. Development of a recommended Sustainability notice for sailing event NORs.
  6. Irish Sailing will work to promote a culture of sustainability through awareness.

This list of actions will continue to grow and develop organically. So watch this space and come on board the Irish Sailing Sustainability campaign to help us make a difference to keep our country green.

Without the volunteers our sport would struggle and we would like to thank Conor Totterdell and Alex Elliott for their input and commitment to keeping Sustainability in Irish Sailing an important consideration.

Does your club, class or centre have a sustainability story or set of standards you would like to share with us?

Please email your story, images, ideas or message directly on to Gail on

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