Instructor Pre-Requisites

for Advanced Powerboat and Dive Coxswain Instructor Courses

As of 1st April 2019 a VHF Radio Operators License, Irish or other, is re-instated as a pre-requisite for certification of Advanced Powerboat Instructors and Dive Coxswain Instructors

Effective: 1st April 2019


ICC Direct Assessment Test Papers

Coastal and Inland (CEVNI)

In order to maintain correct records for the DTTAS, we have revised our procedure and paperwork for the Assessment Examinations and have introduced an Examination Numbering System.  Within each Assessment Pack there will be (where appropriate):

  • A uniquely numbered Assessment Paper;
  • An individual Course Report form with the same unique number;
  • A candidate ICC Application Form again with the same unique number;
  • A chart;
  • A tide table; and
  • Compass deviation chart.

Going forward, any Irish Sailing accredited Training Centre or Club wishing to run ICC Assessments must order the new numbered Assessment Packs in advance of the examination.  From 1st February 2019, Irish Sailing will not accept or process non-numbered Assessment Course Report Forms and Application Forms.

Irish Sailing will record the unique number of each Assessment Pack issued to an organisation and these numbers will be linked to each candidates Application Form and Course Report Form received back into the office. Duplicate or mixed numbers received will be rejected and returned to the applicant unprocessed.

Any persons wishing to apply for an ICC who already hold a qualification i.e.: an Irish Sailing issued National Powerboat Certificate, Advanced Powerboat Certificate, etc. may do so using the non-numbered 2019 Application Forms which are available to download from our website.

Effective: 1st February 2019


Coastal Navigation For Small Craft Evaluation Exercises

As per the recommendations of the National Powerboat Scheme review the Coastal Navigation For Small Craft course is now evaluated by means of a standard exercise paper.

CNSB packs are now available to purchase from the Irish Sailing Office at €10 each. Each pack includes:

  • 2 x Training Charts
  • Practice deviation card
  • Practice tide table
  • Evaluation exercises
  • Participant Certification

Certificates may not be purchased separately to the packs.

Effective: 14th January 2019


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