Senior Instructor Training March and June 2019

Senior Instructor Training March and June 2019

What will you learn on an Irish Sailing Senior Instructor course?

  • Risk control & Crisis management
  • Quality assurance
  • Communications
  • Management skills
  • Recognition requirements and administration
  • Knowledge of Irish Sailign training products
  • And a hell of alot more

Are you eligible to become a Senior Instructor?

The Pre-Requisites to becoming and Irish Sailing Senior Instructor for all courses are:

  • A valid Irish Sailing Instructor Certificate in the relevant discipline ie: SBSS, Go! Windsurfing, Powerboat or Inland,Waterways Scheme;
  • An instructor Endorsement (Racing, Adventure, K&W, New Advanced) or have completed a Pre-entry assesment within 12 months;
  • Be at least 19 years old;
  • A recommendation from a Club Officer or Centre Principal;
  • A recommendation from a Senior Instructor;
  • Valid First Aid Certificate from an approved course;
  • Sport Ireland Safe Guarding 1;
  • Irish Sailing Safety Boat Course; and
  • Your Logbook with at least 50 days (for SBSS or Go! Windsurfing) / 26 days (for Powerboat or Inland Waterways) working as an  Irish Sailing Instructor teaching the relevant Irish Sailing courses spread over 2 seasons in 2 or more different organisations.

All here

  • Howth Yacht Club 16th March 2019


  • Lough Derg Yacht Club 17th June 2019


There will be a closing date on bookings, so if you are interested please make sure you get yourself booked on. Thank you.