River Rescue Heroes

River Rescue Heroes

This time last week the quick thinking of 14 year old Sean Oliver and 4 of his friends saved the life of a man in distress at teh Macnas in Galway. Skilfully they retrieved him from the water and brought him to shore while Sean's uncle shouted instructions from the shore while waiting for Fire Service.

Sean Oliver is the son of Ciaran Oliver of Galway Bay Boat Tours, The Olivers are one of the Oldest Claddagh fishing families. And one of the few families still involved in fishing from Port of Galway and Water Tourism. The lads all ensured they themselves had lifejackes on before entering a rib and head out to rescue the distressed gentleman.

Sean's father also saved a life in near similar circumstances 4 yrs ago.

Sean was expertly trained by his Dad, Ciaran Oliver (Sea Scout Leader and Oversees Port of Galway Sea Scout On Water Activities).

Sean is one of the many volunteers that has helped with the Seafest Try Sailing the past few years and with Watersports Inclusion Games.

CONGRATULATIONS to these 14yr old Galway youth (one 13) on saving a life, with Quick Thinking and Skill !!!!!!!!

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