Ireland’s Offshore Sailors Battle the Elements

Ireland’s Offshore Sailors Battle the Elements

At the moment three Irish sailors are battling the elements in various points around the globe. We checked in with them to hear their latest updates.

First off, Gregor McGuckin is 400nm off Cape Town, in third place on day 57 of the 30,000 non-stop solo Golden Globe Race and in a 6m swell with strong winds. Conditions are tough. Fellow competitor, ‘Are Wiig’, incurred a 360 degree roll yesterday and broke his mast. Gregor was the closest competitor (40nm) and reported in as ready to assist if needed. ‘Are’ did NOT activate his EPIRB and does NOT require any assistance at this time, as his safety equipment is secure, has full electrical power and can make a jury rig. His forestay is currently hanging from the bow of the boat in the water, with the sail attached acting as a sea anchor.

Gregor is calm and in control, taking Knox Johnson’s briefing advice for these conditions and is currently with no sails up and trailing warps to keep head to wind and on track. His recent message read “3RD NIGHT OF GALES,NO SAILS,TOWING WARPS.ALL WELL,JUST TIRED”

Follow the live tracker here

In the meantime, Joan Mulloy and Tom Dolan left Le Havre on Sunday 26th August to begin their single-handed 4 leg race La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro, totalling 1,695nm.

Bad luck hit Tom at 95km, just as he passed the last mark of the start course: “I heard a bang and noticed that the right hand spreader had broken and was banging around.” This put an end to stage one of the race, but Tom kept his head up high, returned to port and was handed a new spreader in his hand for repair.  All is fixed now and he is already on a direct route to Baie de Saint-Brieuc to join Stage 2. After months of preparation this is a hard blow for Tom, but his upbeat, determined “this man can” attitude has him sailing on. You can read the full interview with Tom here La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro site here.

Finally, Joan Mulloy is keeping with the pack in the English Channel and heading for the mark off Penzance. You can follow the tracker here

A few live tracker snapshots in the gallery below give you good idea of location and conditions for these brave sailors.

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