Small Craft Register and YOU

Small Craft Register and YOU

Small Craft Register – We want to hear from you!

We are requesting a meeting with the Department, and we still want to hear from you if you haven't already submitted your experiences of sailing your boat abroad, registering your boat on the Department’s Part 1 Register, registering with other flag states etc.

Please share your experience by email to before November 20th.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Norman Kean who is well known to us all as the author of the Irish Cruising Guides and sits on Irish Sailing’s Representation Policy Group (amongst other things), recently wrote an article for  outlining some of the potential implications of Brexit, and the consequences of not having an appropriate registration system for Irish boats. He suggests that there are a large number of Irish boats registered in the UK who will be looking for another flag state to register with in the very near future. This concurs with a significant increase in enquiries to the Irish Sailing office, looking for an Irish registration system. Read his article here .

Irish Sailing has been representing the interests of our membership, and have made representations to the Department on a number of occasions in the past. We have been campaigning for a statutory Small Craft register to be  established for recreational craft,  travelling abroad. A registration system that is voluntary, appropriate, accessible, affordable and easy to obtain - as exists in many other European States.

The Department committed in the Maritime Safety Strategy 2015-2019 to start work on developing such a registration system in 2017 and encourage recreational craft under 24m to register in 2018, however as Norman points out, there is still no sign of it. We have been told firmly that in the interim the current Part 1 register used for commercial shipping is available and fit for purpose for Recreational craft, which is contrary to anecdotal feedback we have received to date.