2018 Senior Instructor Briefings

2018 Senior Instructor Briefings

Senior Instructor Briefings

Senior Instructor briefing took place in Dublin and Cork during the last week in May, unfortunately a third scheduled for Galway was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances and It wasn’t possible to re-schedule a suitable date. The briefings focused on details of the newly revised Powerboat Training Scheme and the roll of the Senior Instructor in the application of standards and development of instructor in clubs and training centres.

The revisions to the Powerboat Scheme were generally well received with the modular Safetyboat Certificate and introduction of an Intermediate Powerboat Certificate being seen as positive additions. It was generally acknowledged by attendees that there is work to be done in achieving greater consistency of standards of certification particularly with regard to the National Powerboat Certificate.

The role of the SI in developing the next generation of instructors was the other key topic of the briefings. This ties in with the information given to JOs and Centre principals last autumn with regard to planning and preparing for the organisations instructor requirements in coming seasons. Also identified was the role SIs play in facilitating potential instructors in preparing for their pre-entry assessment, instructor training or upgrade courses.

The slides from the briefing are available HERE and if you need any further info on the topics covered email