Self Register to Passport

Self Register to Passport

Personal Login on Passport

In compliance with GDPR Guidelines, Irish Sailing has updated the Passport Login in system to facilitate individual members the ability to opt in to the system themselves and enter their own details thus taking control of their own data. The simple steps to now login to a the system is as follows:

Step 1: go to

Step 2: go to bottom of page and click on “Create Account” in Need an ISA Passport?

Step 3: choose your organisation = Schull FMOEC

Step 4: fill in your details please

CLUB / CENTRE Upload : As a Club or Centre you may still upload people individually or as a mass group once they have given you explicit approval to do so and you must outline that you are GDPR compliant at that point which will be on your application form and it is clear that the member opts in to you doing this. See attached a sample Membership Form with GDPR Compliance. For further details please contact Ciarán at 087 8800744 or