Powerboat Syllabus Revised

Powerboat Syllabus Revised

Revised National Powerboat Training Scheme

The revised National Powerboat Training Scheme is now complete and available to use by all Irish Sailing Training Centres from June 1st.

The review process was carried out through a working group chaired by Peadar McGrath, the recommendations of which were approved by the Irish Sailing Training Policy Group. The syllabus recommendations have been developed for implementation by the Powerboat Instructor Trainer group led by Denis Dillon, National Powerboat Trainer.

The details of the syllabi are listed in the updated instructor handbook which will be available online in the library.

Introduction To Powerboating

  • No changes to core syllabus
  • Greater emphasis on use for beginner powerboaters ahead of NPC
  • Greater use in Clubs / Training Centres by under 16s in appropriate boats

National Powerboat Certificate

  • No changes to core syllabus
  • Greater consistency in the delivery of the background elements
  • Greater emphasis on the acquisition of core skills afloat

Safetyboat Certificate

  • New modular course catering for a wider range of users
  • Module 1, Core Skills to be completed by all
  • Module 2, sail, windsurf, etc rescue as per current course
  • Module 3, non-sail rescue, community events, powerboat racing etc.

Intermediate Powerboat Certificate

  • New course, replacing Recreational Powerboat Certificate
  • Recreational powerboater looking to extend the range of their activities
  • Ideal progression for those working towards Advanced Powerboat certificate
  • Recommendation to run in conjunction with Navigation for Small Boats course

Dive Coxwain Certificate

  • Unchanged

Advanced Powerboat Certificate

  • Core Syllabus unchanged
  • More emphasis on log entry requirements
  • Intermediate powerboat Certificate recommended

Coastal Navigation For Small Boats

  • Course duration extended to 12hrs
  • Course to be evaluated by means of a standardised exercise pack