Watersports Inclusion Goes to Galway

Watersports Inclusion Goes to Galway

You are invited to join the Watersports Inclusion Games in Galway this summer ...

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Inclusion: What does that mean for my club??

The Watersports Inclusion Games, Galway 2018, will be launched this Friday 25th May by the Mayor of Galway at Steamer’s Quay on the River Corrib, the beautiful setting for the main event which takes place August 25th and 26th.

The significance of this launch is not simply the announcement of an event date and venue (The Commercial Boat Club Galway for games, and Galway Docks for competition!), it also marks the beginning of the summer-season activation period for growing inclusivity and inclusive best practice within our sport generally – something all clubs and training centres can aspire to. So in short, Inclusion means ‘ACTIVATION’ enabling your club/centre to join Sport Ireland’s pan-sport inclusion initiative and thus becoming ‘Inclusive Active’.

How? Whether or not your club already runs a Sailability Program or wishes to generate participation toward the Inclusion games, part of the games’ ethos is to inspire all watersports organisations to adopt and implement an inclusive culture as standard, a practice that will benefit/enrich clubs in the long term and gradually enable a wider spectrum of abilities to access watersports activity. Adopting an inclusive ‘equal access’ culture begins with 1) Training up staff and volunteers: Irish Sailing’s Inclusion Training module is a certified course which will do just that, enabling your team to confidently offer inclusive activity to benefit those who may not have easily accessed our sport before. 2) Opening up club / centre offerings to attract and include a wider spectrum of abilities which may simply mean advertising/promoting your inclusion expertise or tapping in to existing mechanisms already in place in the local community such as seeking the support and networking of your local Sport Inclusion Disability Officer (SIDO). Inclusion awareness is currently spreading and growing among all sports as more and more centres and clubs nationwide train for and begin to connect with a more inclusive audience.

Irish Sailing’s Inclusion Training module

Irish Sailing’s champion of inclusion is Ciaran (Spud) Murphy, Disability Inclusion and Training Development Officer. Ciaran facilitates this dynamic and enlightening day-long workshop for clubs on request. The program is devised to provide volunteers and instructors with an increased awareness of working with disabilities and gives attendees a practical solution-focused approach to their role in facilitating sailing and watersports for all.

Completion of this training will enable participants to be comfortable interacting with and adapting to specific needs of sailing participants with a wide range of abilities from the physical, sensory, intellectual, and learning ability / disability spectrums.

The format for the trainings is:

  • Basic awareness training will be 10am - 1pm
  • Watersports Activity Inclusion training will be 10am - 5pm

     Upon application, Inclusion Training can be organized for clubs for a flat fee of €250 which cost can be spread among up to 20 participants. Contact Ciaran Murphy at to schedule a course for your club.

For those interested in attending a forthcoming training, the next Inclusion Training date scheduled is: 17th June: Sligo Yacht Club – Rosses Point.  

Book through the Irish Sailing online ‘Shop’ here or telephone Irish Sailing Training and speak with Nuala Healy on 01-2710114.

More details of Watersports Inclusion Games can be found at ...

Yours in Sailing for Everyone,

Johanne Murphy

Irish Sailing Inclusion Games Officer