Champions from the Championships

Champions from the Championships

Who made it in to their class teams? 

How did they get there?

Where next?

At the 2018 Volvo Youth Pathway Nationals many classes have selected sailors bound for International competitions this Summer.  For the senior sailors in the Laser Radial and the 420 Class the winners give themselves the chance to attend the World Sailing Youth World Championships which this year will take place in Corpus Christie, Texas, USA. 

However the Youth Pathway Nationals are not only about making international teams, it’s about a sailor moving through their youth sailing experiencing in a variety of different classes of boat, while continuously learning the new skills each class offers and moving on at the right time. The Pathway classes have been carefully chosen to provide different aspects of learning for the development of young sailors. The tactical and physical challenges presented are different in each boat, just as the level of each sailor improves with experience, each class of boat along the pathway can deliver a further opportunity for learning, development and in turn fun for the sailor.

So how did those sailors who qualified for International spots get there? The obvious answer is with a lot of hard work and time on the water, but if we look back over some results from previous years it’s interesting to see sailors popping up all along the pathway, and as a sailor got older, or often as they grew too big for a class we have seen these sailors moving boat the following year.  And for many of those who will represent Ireland this summer it is not their first time to represent the nation.

Teams decided so far based on results at the Pathway Nationals include:

World Sailing Youth Worlds Championships, Texas, USA, Laser Radial Team: Info on Irish Laser sailing here

  1. Jack Fahy ... RstGYC
  2. Nel Staunton ... NYC

The 420 Junior European team, Sisimbra Portugal: Info on Irish 420 sailing in here

  1. Nicola Ferguson ... Fiona Ferguson ... NYC
  2. Gemma McDowell ... Emma Gallagher ... MYC
  3. Grace O’Beirne ... Kathy Kelly ... RstGYC
  4. Micheal O’Suilleabheain ... Michael Caroll ... KYC
  5. Morgan Lyttle ... Patrick Whyte ... RstGYC
  6. Daniel Thompson ... Dan Quaid ... WHBC

Irish Sailing Laser 4.7 Worlds team, Gdynia, Poland: 

  1. Alana Coakley ... RstGYC
  2. Charlie Cullen ... RstGYC
  3. Joseph Karauzum ... CAYC
  4. Conor Horgan ... RCYC/BYC
  5. Finn Walker ... RstGYC
  6. Ellie Cunnanne ... DSC

There are more places pending based on the sailors reaching international criteria but of the above sailors 50% have represented in other pathway classes internationally, and some cases have made teams in different classes in 2 or 3 consecutive years with Optimist and Topper representation providing the base for what comes after. This highlights the importance of progression within the pathway and is the bases for what we are aiming to achieve. Following that, this year’s Optimist and Topper teams will undoubtedly feed into the teams of the coming years in the classes above.

Topper class details will be published on their website soon

The IODAI Teams are detailed below and more details on the International Optimist Dinghy Association Ireland can be found here

 Worlds Team

  1. Justin Lucas (RCYC & KYC)
  2. James Dwyer Matthews (RCYC & KYC)
  3. Michael Crosbie (RCYC)
  4. Rian Geraghty-McDonnell (NYC)
  5. Harry Twomey (RCYC & CHSC)

Europeans Team

  1. Johnny Flynn (HYC & RStGYC)
  2. Sam Ledoux (NYC)
  3. Rocco Wright (HYC & NYC)
  4. Nathan van Steenberge (NYC)
  5. Emily Riordan (RStGYC)
  6. Eimear McMorrow Moriarty (TBSC)
  7. Leah Rickard (NYC)

IDT France

  1. Fiarchra McDonnell (NYC)
  2. Ben O’Shaughnessy (RCYC)
  3. Archie Daly (RStGYC)
  4. Clementine van Steenberge (NYC)
  5. Patrick Bruen (RCYC & MBSC)
  6. George Pritchard (RCYC)
  7. Jessica Riordan (RStGYC)

IDT Poland

  1. Alana Twomey (RCYC & CHSC)
  2. Eoin Horgan (RCYC & BSC)
  3. Richard McSweeney (RCYC & MBSC)
  4. Adam Walsh (LDYC & HYC)
  5. Fiachra Farrelly (HYC)
  6. Simon Pritchard (RCYC)
  7. Lucia Cullen (RStGYC & NYC)
  8. Anna O’Connor (RIYC)

Full Event Results Here