Race Officials Galore

Race Officials Galore

More Volunteers Sign up to Climb the Race Official Ladder

We are pleased to announce another eight Race Officials that have dedicated their time and energy to training and experience to increase their Race Official qualifications ...

  • Barry O’Neill – National Race Officer
  • Paddy Judge – Regional Race Officer
  • Ian Rossiter – Local Mark Layer
  • Barry McNeaney – National Race Officer
  • Ed Totterdell – National Race Officer
  • Declan O’Sullivan – Local Mark Layer
  • Ian Sargent – National Umpire Emeritus
  • Patrick Rooney - Local Race Officer


How do you climb the ladder?

Race Officials attend a variety of Irish Sailing Race Official courses and then head out to gain the experience needed to fulfill the role on the water. When they feel they are ready to apply for the title sought, they send in their application forms to Irish Sailing for the Race Official Policy Group to discuss the application, the merits, qualifications, experience etc of each applicant. 

The numbers are rising as we have been working very hard on building up our race official courses and profile, mentoring opportunities, event calendars etc. More people are attending courses and getting involved so more people are applying. Jack ran a great Level 2 (Regional and National) Race officer course November 2016 so these people were attendees and it has taken them this time to get the events in sufficient for their application. The revised regulations and Passport has made an easy, transparent and fair application process.

Irish Sailing Race Officials may be appointed at National, Regional, or Local level.

  • A National Race Official is qualified to take a leading role at Principal Events,
  • A Regional Race Official is qualified to take a leading role at a Regional event and assist National Race Officials,
  • A Local Race Official is qualified to take a leading role at Local or Club events and assist other Race Officials.
  • Different qualifications apply to Equipment Inspectors and Measurers.

The new regulations are all here for you to download if you would like to understand more.

We have a Race Officials webpage with further information:

There is a facebook page for Irish Sailing Race Officials if you wish to join it and post photos, look for events etc:

We also have a WhatsApp group for those not on facebook:

If you are interested in gaining qualificaiton or experience contact Sarah Louise Rossiter

Did you know?

Under recommendation from World Sailing, all Race Official training is FREE to under 30 year olds and to women.