Irish Sailing Hero - Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Education Programme Manager Lucy Hunt

Irish Sailing Hero - Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Education Programme Manager Lucy Hunt

Irish Marine Biologist Brings Sustainability Education Round the World with Volvo Ocean Race

We all know VOR boat Turn the Tide on Plastic is sharing the message of just how damaged our seas are, but the whole Volvo Ocean Race campaign is sharing this message and working to make a difference in every way they can as they travel round the world. Lucy Hunt has take a short break from her home town of Waterville, Co Kerry, to bring the Sustainability Education Programme to every race stop over. Find out more about the amazing Lucy ...

  1. What is your official title with the Volvo Ocean Race?
    • Sustainability Education Programme Manager
  2. ​What does that mean? What do you do?
    • I have created an education programme based on the race, ocean health, ocean plastic pollution and how we can be champions for the sea. This education programme is available online for all educators and teachers to use on  I have also created sustainability workshops that we run in each host city so we have lots of fun with students empowering them to look after the ocean! 
  3. How did you get to this stage in your career?
    • I followed my passion, the sea, protecting it and also I love travelling! I’m a marine biologist, with a Masters in Marine Environmental Protection, I have worked as an offshore environmental consultant for 5 years and marine education for over 10 years. I opened up a marine awareness and activity centre called Sea Synergy in my hometown Waterville, Co Kerry in 2014 where we have lots of fun activities to connect people with the sea. In its short time open Sea Synergy has won Responsible Tourism Awards, Marine Tourism Award and an Ocean Heros Award! I love what I do and sharing what I do with others!
  4. What type of path did you follow to develop your sailing skills? Training, Racing, Crewing, College ….
    • ​​I’m not a professional sailor but I love sailing and being out on the water. I did my Day skipper course with great teacher Niall MacAllister from West Cork Sailing.
  5. What type of sailing do enjoy the most now? Do you race and cruise?
    • I love cruising and heading offshore in search of blubber on our offshore Ireland trips with the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group. I actually haven’t tried racing but I have a feeling I would love it. I’ve been lucky enough to sail aboard a MOD70 and it was amazing experience! I’m looking forward to getting out on the M32’s we have here with the race. I think I would like most types of sailing as I’m always happy out on the water!
  6. How does sailing make you feel?
    • Amazing, in the moment and gives me headspace.
  7. Do you have a message you would like to give to the young sailors of Ireland?
    • ​​​Life is not a rehearsal, follow your dream. Ireland has some of the best sailors in the world, you could be one of them!

Lucy Hunt
Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Education Programme Manager

"Life is not a rehearsal, follow your dream."

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Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability

Header photograph credit to Jesu Renedo – I think Lucy is demonstrating just how big an Albatross wing span is, which is nearly 12ft wide!!

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