Is Sailing Coming to a School near you?

Is Sailing Coming to a School near you?

Leaving Certificate Physical Education Pilot Sailing

The specification for Leaving Certificate Physical Education (LCPE) will provide learners with an opportunity to study physical education for the Leaving Certificate examination, providing an additional optional Leaving Certificate subject. It will enable students to engage in meaningful learning through their engagement with the various curriculum models and hopefully create a pathway for lifelong involvement in physical activity. One of the six curriculum models in the Framework is Adventure Education ( More detail here) and within that Module Sailing is included as follows:

  • Adventure Education. – Sailing
    • Leaving/returning to windward shore
    • Leaving/returning to a leeward shore
    • Tacking/going about (upwind)
    • Gybing
    • Capsize drill and recovery
    • Sailing course up/downwind

There are 80 schools picked as pilots to trial the programme, if your Club or Centre are already involved in running sailing activities for any of these schools and would be interested in offering that local school the opportunity to pilot a sailing programme please let your RDO know and they will support you in every way possible.

The diagram below gives you the bigger picture of variety of sport options in the curriculum.