Sailing into Wellness

Sailing into Wellness

Sailing is a Powerful Tool to Mental Wellness

The therapeutic benefits of sailing have been highlighted by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland’s 2017 awardees Sailing into Wellness.

Sailing Into Wellness provides an opportunity for vulnerable groups to experience a completely new environment, on the open sea. For those with mental health issues, recovering from addiction or from disadvantaged backgrounds sailing is proven to be a powerful tool in their development. Working together as a team, individuals are supported to overcome personal challenges in an environment that is both exhilarating and therapeutic.

I think we can all agree that after a hard days work or heavy week a college, a quick trip with friends or an exhilarating solo spin will leave us feeling invigorated and alive. Spread the word and “Bring a Friend” next time you are heading out for a potter in the bay.

  • “Sailing is my ‘reset button’ and it feels good to be alive, with the wind in my face and spray of the sea.”

  • “I find sailing challenging, inspiring and hugely uniting”

  • “Fun, escapism, confidence and belonging have all come from sailing with the new friends I have met in my club”

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