Floating Fish Marks

Floating Fish Marks

Pots and Their Lines

Pots lines can be a problem for leisure and commercial boats. Entanglement on a pot line can cause damage to a vessel making way and put the crew in extreme danger.

Irish Sailing invite you to share your experiences, concerns and suggestions for making the marking of lobster and shrimp pots safer. Both fishing and leisure craft of all sizes can become entangled on long lines and unclear marks, so it is in all our interests to find a solution to avoid the dangers of entanglement.This survey is to gather information on incidents, their conclusions and ideas on how to make our coastal waters safer for everyone.

If you have had an incident with a pot line or lost your pots due to entanglement, please complete the survey below (multiple times if multiple incidents please). The more examples we can gather the more complete picture we can present for action.


Cruising Association in the UK have set up a petition with their Government and an awareness campaign. In their video below Norman Kean of ICC Publications gives an account of his entanglement incident in Bantry Bay and how without the assistance of the RNLI he would have been in grave danger.


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