Coaching & Training Activity Risk Assessment

It is very positive to see the ever increasing amount of Coaching and Training activity taking place in Clubs and Centres outside of the traditional summers courses. Whether it is local class specific training, regional squad events or other initiatives like schools or adult training more time afloat will always be of benefit to the sailors.

With the increase in the variety of activities being offered, particularly where they might fall outside the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) or involve Coaches or Instructors who are less familiar with the organisation, it is essential that there is a process in place to ensure the activities are safe and effective.

Irish Sailing has produced an updated Coaching & Training Activity Risk Assessment document to use in conjunction with your organisations current SOPs which is intended to help Clubs and Centres ensure all of the requirements in place and that there is a documented risk assessment process at the beginning of each day or Coaching Session.

The document consists of a Coach / Instructor induction checklist to ensure familiarity with the organisations Policies and SOPs, a template to establish and clearly identify the activity specific SOPs and a Risk Assessment Sheet to be completed ahead of each session by the Coach / Instructor with the responsible person from the organisation.

The Risk Assessment Checklist is also available as a stand-alone document for ease of printing. This can then be laminated and a non-permanent pen used and a picture taken ahead of each session for record and then re-used for the next session.

Both documents are available in the Library section of the Irish Sailing website Irish Sailing > Library > Centre & Club under Clubs and Centres

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