Tom Dolan ready for Class 40 Transatlantic race, “It is always good to experience something else”

Ireland’s offshore solo racer Tom Dolan takes advantage of a natural break in the Figaro circuit in France to expand his racing horizons and improve his skills as he competes in a new, crewed Class40 race – the Niji 40 – which follows a 3,430 nautical miles Transatlantic course from the French Atlantic coast island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer to reach Marie-Galante off the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

Dolan is a key member of a three strong international crew skippered by top Figaro racer Gildas Mahé – with whom he raced the Atlantic two handed in 2021 on a Figaro Beneteau 3 – and also including young Spanish racer Pep Costa.

Their boat Achille Nebout's Class 40 has been leading the fleet since Tuesday evening. On board life is organised and very different to a solo Figaro race. They sailors are doing 

  • 2 hours on deck
  • 2 hours to eat, wash and assist the sailor on watch
  • 2 hours of proper sleep

However, the team has recently experienced a break in the big sail line. Although they are still in the lead they need to make a decision on how best to proceed with the race. They have two options 

"Either stop under the isle of Santa Maria in order to repair before Sunday's great depression, which seems the wisest and most likely, or to climb the mast as soon as the wind blows, either today ot tomorrow"

Despite this news the sailors remain focused and motivated. This is not their first crossing anf they know that ther are many twists and turn in a transatlantic race!

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