Club Development

New clubs often require help developing their policies and procedures and established club committees change regularly and need support. Irish Sailing can help you develop your club, increase participation, advise on funding applications and assist with creating and implementing policies and procedures.


Irish Sailing has three Regional Development Officers, that are on hand to visit your club if required, and are available to call or email regarding any query or concern that the club may have.

Regional Development Officer details HERE


An Irish Sailing Development Matrix was designed to help you look at areas you would like to develop in your club or centre  

Irish Sailing Club Development Matrix pdf HERE

Excel version available to download HERE for you to adapt to your own club.


If you would like advice on funding support, your Regional Development Officers are happy to advise.


Find out more about Becoming a Training Centre HERE.


Details on Race Officials is available HERE.

Club Support Toolkits

Social Media Toolkit


 Media Toolkit


 Event Toolkit

A brief overview of some of the social media channels out there and each ones 'character'.  

A 6 page “how to guide” on managing and boosting your reputation with the media.


A few points for you to consider when organising an event.


Club Affiliation

New Club Affiliation Procedure

There is a range of club and class affiliation options listed below. The applications to affiliate are considered at the Irish Sailing Board of Directors monthly board meeting, following which clubs will be informed of the decision. 

To apply for affiliation please complete the form below and email it to, cc your Regional Development Officer, and include ...

  • A copy of our constitution/articles of association
  • A list of our Members (electronic version preferred)

Please note this list should include the following information member’s name, address, phone and email details and club membership category.

  • A copy of any recent Club/Class publications

Clubs that affiliate after the end of September will not be invoiced for fees for the remainder of that year, but be given temporary Affiliation Status (subsequent to approval from the Board) until the following March when fees will be due.

If you have any questions regarding affiliation, please contact one of our regional development officers here.

Irish Sailing Clubs (Category 1)

Irish Sailing Clubs are constituted clubs in the Republic of Ireland, with open membership, which are engaged in the organisation of sailing and/or leisure boating activities for their members. All Irish Sailing Clubs affiliate as a Category 1 Club, unless at the discretion of the Irish Sailing Board of Directors they affiliate as a National Organisation or Local Organisation. All members of Category 1 Clubs are automatically individual members of the Irish Sailing .

Subscription Rates to Irish Sailing
2% Club Subscription income subject to max €1,500
10% club membership sub subject to max: €15 per Junior, €30 per Ordinary, €50 per Family, €10 all other paying categories.
(The Minimum Category 1 Club affiliation fee payable is equal to Category 3 Club Affiliation fee)

National Organisations (Category 2)

A National Organisation is a club, association or similar body that is committed to working with the Irish Sailing on a nationwide basis, to promote sailing and/or boating activities for specific strategic interest groups at national level.

Subscription Rates to Irish Sailing
Category 2 Fees – Set by arrangement with the Irish Sailing Board of Directors

Local Organisations (Category 3)

Local Organisations are associations, companies, schools, committees, societies or incorporated bodies, which have as one of their objects the organising, co-ordinating or teaching of sailing and/or leisure boating for people who may, or may not be members of a Club. Clubs located outside the Republic also affiliate as Local Organisations.

Subscription Rates to Irish Sailing
Set by Irish Sailing board of Directors (Currently €110)

Class Associations (Category 4)

Class Associations are organisations that are committed to the promotion of participation and/or competition, on a nationwide basis in a particular class or classes of boat. Class Associations.

Subscription Rates to Irish Sailing
Set by Irish Sailing board of Directors (Currently €110)