• Centre & Club

    Recognition Requirements, Policy & Procedures, Application Forms, Order Forms, Code of Ethics, Training Guide

  • Instructor & Coaches

    Instructor Courses - General Information, Assistant, Dinghy, Powerboat, Windsurfing, Senior, Pre-Entry Papers, Report Forms

  • CPD Workshop

    Documentation for CPD Revalidation Instructor Workshops - General Information, Booking Forms, Expression of Interest, etc.

  • Employment

    Documentation for Clubs & Centres on Employment - Reference Letters, Terms & Conditions, etc.

  • Gardai & Child

    Documentation for Clubs & Centres on Garda Vetting & Child Proctection - Garda Vetting Forms, Parental Conscent Forms, Code of Ethics, etc.

  • Cruising Scheme

    Documentation relating to the Yachtmaster Courses - Application Forms for Yachtmaster Examinations, Revalidations/Repacements, Guidelines, etc.

  • Licences

    Documentation relating to the International Certificate of Competence and the Passenger Boat Licences - Application Forms, General Forms and Information.

  • Racing

    Racing Literature and Application Forms