Club Coaching

Club Coaching

The Club coaching programme falls into two sections:

  1. The NEW Irish Sailing level 1 Club Coach Qualification.
  2. Assisting Clubs around the country to run local coaching programes.

1. The NEW Irish Sailing level 1 Club Coach Qualification.

This coaching qualification aims to take sailors from clubs around the country who have been active in racing for a few years and now want to begin a career in coaching.

Before attending the course the coach will need the following paperwork:

  • Garda vetting;
  • Up to date first aid certificate;
  • National Powerboat Certificate qualification;
  • Completed Safeguarding 1 course.

The course will use the following format:

  • Trainee coaches attend one weekend contact with Ross Killian, Irish Sailing coach and programme lead.
  • Coaching will cover –
    • coaching philosophy,
    • safety,
    • session delivery including briefing and debriefing skills.
  • Following the weekend the trainee needs to complete 6 coaching hours with an approved experienced coach to gain further skills in a mentor / trainee coach environment.
  • After the period of coaching hours, the trainee coach standard will be assessed before receiving their final qualification and a receive their Club Coaching ID card.

2. Assisting Clubs around the country to run local coaching programmes.

The aim of this part of the programme is to give sailing clubs the guidance they need in organising local coaching for their members. This will include programme design and assistance in producing a coaching syllabus suitable for their sailors. The programme also aims to help clubs in the difficult task of finding a suitable coach to fit their needs. The aspiration is that this is where the two sections of the programme come together, as Level One Club Coaches qualify they will be leading the programmes in their home clubs, keeping logistical fees down and inspiring the local sailors to follow in their path.

This programme lead by Ross Killian, Irish Sailing Coach Development Officer and 420 Academy Coach. Ross has competed at the 2004 Olympic Games and coached at the both the 2008 & 2012 Olympic Games. He is a graduate of the Institute of Sport Pursuit of Excellence Programme and is a Sport Science graduate from St Mary’s University College, Strawberry Hill.

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