Visitor Mooring

Information on the maintenance of the visitors moorings

We welcome any first hand knowledge from your travels – please mail or text Gail at 086 2214724.

Information on on servicing has come directly from County Engineers, starting north and heading south . – LAST UPDATED JANUARY 2016 (at the time a few of the county councils did not have their maintenance plan for 2016 and we hope to receive detail soon).

Please note that the lat and longs may vary slightly after maintenance works.


@ 10 May 2017
Moorings wer serviced in August 2016 andn they are in very good condidtion now with pick-up buoys attached. A few moorings were lost in 2016 and numbers are updates as per chart below.  Greencastle and Bunagee Pontoons will be available again from early May 2017.

Movillex 3YES Aug '1616M of 19mm chain & 3M of 38mm chainN 55 11.000
N 55 10.983
N 55 10.962
W 007 02.79
W 007 02.877
W 007 02.980
Culdaffno longer available
Portsalonx 3YES Aug '1618M of 19mm chain & 4M of 38mm chainN 55 12.350
N 55 12.373
N 55 12.349
W 007 37..05
W 007 36.998
W 007 36.962
Downingsx 6YES Aug '1615M of 19mm chain & 3M of 38mm chainN 55 11.308
N 55 11.301
N 55 11.296
N 55 11.262
N 55 11.261
N 55 11.259
N 55 11.259
W 007 50.413
W 007 50.272
W 007 50.197
W 007 50.188
W 007 50.266
W 007 50.349
W 007 50.418
Arronmorex 3YES Aug '1620M of 19mm chain & 3M of 38mm chainN 54 59.685
N 54 59.629
N 54 59.573
W 008 29.489
W 008 29.575
W 008 29.660
Portnoo / Inishkeelx 2YES Aug '1616M of 19mm chain & 4M of 38mm chainN 54 50.777
N 54 50.829
N 54 50.837
W 008 26.781
W 008 26.835
W 008 26.724
Teelinx 3YES Aug '1618M of 19mm chain & 4M of 38mm chainN 54 37.541
N 54 37.596
N 54 37.610
N 54 37.562
W 008 37.718
W 008 37.773
W 008 37.656
W 008 37.621

120m. of pontoons with a gangway are now in Greencastle Harbour accommodating visiting boats

Banagee now has pontoons and a birthing pontoon. Teelin Pier now has a birthing pontoon.

New toilet facilities have been built in Burtonport Harbour which includes a shower facility for use by visiting boats. The key for this is available from the Harbourmaster, Manus Gallagher – tel: 00353868310121.


@ 10 May 2017
There are pontoons at Newport, Inishlyre, Islandmoor (Clew Bay), Kildavnet (Achill). Ballycroy/Innishbiggle.

All moorings are laid down during the winter months and reinstated in May. All are inspected and upgraded as required by Clew Bay Marine Services.

LocationNr of MooringsServiced?DetailLatitudeLongtitude
Achill Beg Isl. (East of beach)2YESServiced annually. Pick up buoys attached. New chain 2015.N53º.51.9’W09º.58.7’
Achill / Kildavnet
0xDecomissioned due to fast currents
Blacksod Pier / Harbour4YESServiced annually. Pick up buoys attached. New chain 2015.54-06.3N 10-03.7W
Clare Island 8YESServiced annually. Pick up buoys attached53-48.1N 09-56.8W
Inishturk6YES Serviced annually. Pick up buoys attached53-42.3N10-05.2W
Achill, Bridge
North & South
4YESServiced annually. Pick up buoys attached. New chain 2015. (all year round)N53º.56.087’
Rosmoney / Clew
4YESWest of local yacht moorings. Serviced annually. New chain 2015. Pick up buoys attachedN53º.49.783’W09º.37.575’
Ballyglass Pier Broadhaven Bay3YESRe-established with new chain 2015. West of pier. Serviced annually. Pick up buoys attachedN54º.15.5’W09º.53.5’
Kilcummin Pier Killala Bay4YESServiced annually. Pick up buoys attachedN54º.01.2’W09º.12.5’
Dugort Pier, Achill Isl. North2 east of pierYESNew moorings est. 2015 for vessels North of Achill / IniskeysServiced annually. Pick up buoys attachedN54º.01.2’W10º.01.6’
Elly Bay0xdecommissioned


@ 27 June 2017

Galway coasts moorings are serviced every year at around June time. They have plans to extend pier at Inisheer, which will be super. Currently awaiting procurement. It is good to know yet another County Council take our coastal infrastructure seriously.

NB: Temporary pontoons are going in to Inishmore for WIORA event early July (awaiting confirmation of how long they the pontoons will stay)

LocationNr of MooringsServiced?DetailLatitudeLongtitude
Leenanex8YESServiced in 2016. Chains upgraded. 53-36.0N 09-43.0W
Fahy Bayx8YESServiced in 2016. Chains upgraded.53-33.5N10-00.6W
Clifdenx8YESweeks June 2014. Serviced in 2016. Chains upgraded.53-29.2N10-03.4W
Roundstonex8YESServiced in 2016. Chains upgraded.53-23.4N 09-54.6W
Kilronanx8YESServiced in 2016. Chains upgraded.53-07.0N 09-40.0W
Struthanx8YESServiced in 2016. Chains upgraded.53-16.3N 09-34.5W
Killeranx8YESServiced in 2016. Chains upgraded.53-19.3N09-43.4W
Maumeenx8YESServiced in 2016. Chains upgraded.53-17.0N09-38.5W


@ 10 May 2017 – awaiting update from Clare Co Co on service dates and on the damage repairs mentioned below.

NB: @ 27 May 2014. The County Clare coast suffered severe damage in early 2014. The County Council managed to repair Carrrigaholt in 2014 and hope to repair Labasheeda in 2015 or when funds become available as their priority is piers and pathway repair.

LocationNr of MooringsServiced?DetailLatitudeLongtitude
Carrigaholtx6YESPlans to be repaired in 2014.52-36.13N9-41.87W
LabasheedaTBAPlans to be repaired when funds and facilities


@ 10 May 2017 – Kerry Co Co are delighted that the Visitor Moorings were replaced in June 2016. See table below for updates on this and facilities at pontoons.

LocationNr of MooringsServiced?Detail
Smerwick1 possibly still there !!NOT SERVICED - UNRELIABLE1 remaining, often used by a local, dive checked and
maintained (not lifted)
Ventryx 3Serviced June 20162 remaining, dive checked and maintained (not lifted)
Kellsx 4Serviced June 20161 remaining, dive checked and maintained (not lifted)
KnightstownPontoonN/AA fabulous pontoon connected to land is there. With
water and power. Small fee charged
PortmageePontoonN/AAnother fabulous pontoon connected to land is there.
Water and Power installed. Please contact Ger Kennedy at 087-2390010. Small fee charged.
Derrynanex 3Serviced June 20161 remaining, dive checked and maintained (not lifted).
Sneemx 4Serviced June 20164 MOORINGS, dive checked and maintained (not


@ 10 May 2017 – awaiting update

Cork County Council are servicing the moorings bi-annually. There are development plans for visitors pontoons along the coastline at Spike Island, Cambden Lock, Durrus, Adrigole – hopefully for 2015.

LocationNo of
Serviced ?DetailLatitudeLongitude
Castletownbere4YESLifted and serviced summer 2013 - A new pontoon now in place with berth for visiting
yacht at west end of the Town Quay.
51-39.0N 09-53.3W
Lawrence Cove4YESLifted and serviced summer 201351-38.2N09-49.2W
Adrigole7YESLifted and serviced summer 201351-41.0N 09-43.0W
Trafrask1YESLifted and serviced summer 2013TBATBA
Glengarriff6YESLifted and serviced summer 201351-44.9N09-32.3W
BantryYESA new pontoon now in place for visiting yachts, below
Abbey Graveyard.
Crookhaven8YESLifted and serviced summer 201351-28.2N09-43.5W
Schull12YESLifted and serviced summer 201351-31.5N09-32.3W
Glandore6YESLifted and serviced summer 201351-33.7N09-07.0W
Ballycotton6YESLifted and serviced summer 201351-50.0N 08-00.0W