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Week 8 Quizzical Answers

Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 8 Answers

1 Who sang the song Sailing Christopher Cross  
2 Where did the term 'Above Board' originate Because honest crew were above decks, while pitrates hid below Pirates would often hide much of their crew below the deck. Ships that displayed crew openly on the deck were thought to be honest merchant ships known as “above board.”
3 Who designed the mirror dinghy Jack Holt  
4 What was the type of the original Mirror rig Gunter  
5 What is this Compass Rose  
6 Name this sea shanty - As I walked by the dockside one evening so fair, To view the salt water and take the sea air Fiddlers Green  
7 Where did the phrase  Freeze the balls off a brass monkey come from? Ring holding cannon balls contracting in the cold Cannon balls where piled on deck beside the cannon, pyramid fashion, and retained in a ring called a brass monkey. If the weather was very cold the brass ring would contract faster than the iron cannon balls, thus causing some of them to topple. From this, the expression was, and is today, used to describe something which is very cold
8 Who designed the Flying Fifteen Uffa Fox  
9 What is the lenth of the Flying 15? 20  
10 What sort of chart is this Imray  
11 In the Sea Shanty 'Donkey Riding', what was the donkey? An engine  
12 A square meal Square dinner plates This is an expression synonymous with a proper or substantial meal. It originated from the square platters that were used to serve meals aboard ships.
13 Who designed the Laser 1 Bruce Kirby  
14 What was the original name for the laser? Weekender  
15 What is the name given to the chart markings, which the red arrows are point to Traffic Seperation Zone  
16 What was the original purpose of sea shanties For working   
17 Where did the phrase Footloose come from ? From the foot of the sail The word comes from the name of the bottom of a sail – the foot – which must be attached to the boom. If it is not properly attached it may become “footloose” causing the vessel not to sail properly. Footloose and fancy-free have come to mean someone acting without commitment
18 Who designed the Wayfarer dinghy Ian Proctor  
19 What year was the Wayfarer designed 1957  
20 Which of the following is Norths, is not a recognised term North  




Week 7 Quizzical Answers


Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 7 Answers

One Top Scorer - Pedro on 16 points

1 Sailing east from China, Korea, or Japan, this current  tends to push ships northeast into the westerlies and towards North America Kuroshio Current
2 What sort of clouds are these Mares Tails, cirrus clouds
3 What sort of weather does this forecast Heavy Rain
4 On the Beaufort Scale, what force represents Light Airs, 1-3 Knots 1
5 In the Indian Ocean is the monsoon trade winds blow in which direction? South in the winter, North in the summer
6 A mackerel sky is a common term for a sky with rows of cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds, what do these clouds look like Number 4
7 What sort of weather does this forecast Hurricane
8 On the Beaufort Scale, what force represents Moderate Breeze, 11-16 knots 4
9 Sailing from Europe past the Straits of Gibraltar, you hit.the Canary current, wehat direction does this push you? Southwest, down the African coast
10 Cumulonimbus clouds are a type of cumulus cloud shown in the picture, what sort of weather are they associated with Thunder Stroms and heavy precipitation
11 What sort of weather does this forecast Fog
12 On the Beaufort Scale, what force represents Gale, 34-40 knots 8
13 Name of the wind which blows through the Ionian Sea during the summer ? Maistros
14 What type of cloud is shown in the picture Funnel 
15 What sort of weather does this forecast Snowing
16 On the Beaufort Scale, what force represents Violent Storm 56-63 knots 11
17 Strong, dry north winds of the Aegean Sea Etesian
18 What type of rare cloud is this Mammatus
19 What sort of weather does this forecast Sunny and Cloudy
20 On the Beaufort Scale, what force represents Strong Breeze, 22-27 knots 6



Week 6 Quizzical Answers


Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 6 Answers

1 A backing wind says storms are nigh,  But a veering wind will clear the sky
2 Ring around the moon, Twill rain real soon
3 If clouds are gathering thick and fast, Keep sharp look out for sail and mast But if they slowly onward crawl, Shoot your lines, nets and trawl
4 Sound travelling far and wide, A stormy day will betide
5 Mackerel sky, mackerel sky, ..... Not long wet, not long dry
6 The sharper the blast, The sooner its past
7 Mares tails and mackrel scales Make lofty ships carry low sails
8 When a halo rings the moon or sun, Rains approaching on the run
9 North winds send hail, South winds bring rain West winds we bewail, West winds blow amain
10 When clouds appear like towers, The earth is refreshed by frequent showers
11 Northeast is too cold, Southeast not too warm Northwest is too bold, Southwest blows no harm
12 When the glass falls low, Prepare for a blow When it rises high, Let all your sails fly
13 Rain before seven,  Shine before eleven
14 When the morn is dry, the rain is nigh. When the morn is wet, no rain you get
15 Rain long foretold, long last: Short notice, soon will pass
16 When the rain before the wind, Topsail sheets and halyards mind
17 Rainbow to windward, foul fall the day: Rainbow to leeward, rain runs away
18 When the wind before the rain, Let your topsails draw again;
19 Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning; ..... Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight
20 When the wind is blowing in the North No fisherman should set forth






Week 5 Quizzical Answers



Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 5 Answers  
One Top Scorer - 10 out for 15 by Anonymous from Bundoran    
1 How many boats could you see in the last picture 5
2 What colour was the spinnaker, which was second from the left Red
3 How many people in the front 3 rows had beards 3
4 How many people are standing in the water 3
5 Which country's flag was shown in the previous picture France
6 How many blue and white spinnakers could be seen in the last picture 2
7 What was the organisation named on the card Irish Sailing Organisation
8 How many people were standing on the top of the hill in the background 2
9 Which colour were the boots of the man on the left of the picture Yellow
10 What was the name shown for the body of on the map Scotsmans Bay
11 How many stripes were there on the hull above the waterline 2
12 What were the names of the sample certs shown National Powerboat and Basic Skills
13 How many plug sockets could you see on the wall Two
14 Where were the Irish Sailing logos on their jackets Two on left breast and one on right
15 What were the colours of the two sail covers shown Red and White


Week 4 Quizzical Answers

Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 4 Answers
One Top Scorer - Emmet Dalton on 19 points
  Question Right answer
1 Which of the following is NOT a turning manoeuvre term in sailing? Hull trimming 
2 Which of these is the larger sail?  Main sail
3 What use is a JACKLINE? A line set up on which a safety harness is clipped.
4 In sailing, what is a spinnaker? A type of sail
5 The leeward side of the boat is? Furthest from the wind
6 When windsurfing what is the uphaul rope used for?  To pull the rig out of the water
7 What are kegs on a surfboard? The back fins
8 Most sails have three corners. Which of the following is not the name of one of the corners?  Luff
9 The lines which are used to control a sails direction in relation to the direction of the wind are called what? Sheets
10 A “grommet” is… A metal ring set into a sail
11 A “block” in sailing means A pulley
12 Which of these names is not the name of an anchor type? Rake
13 What are the walls within the hull of a boat called Bulkhead
14 What is a line on a boat Rope
15 Pinching means Sailing too close to the wind
16 What is a traveller A system which allows the deck attachment for the mainsheet to move scross the deck
17 Who is a barrelman aboard a ship Sailor stationed in the crow's nest
18 What is a bottle screw used for  Adjusting tension in stays, shrouds and similar lines
19 What does the term beam mean onboard Width of the boat at midship
20 Which of the following does the term bend not mean To move the tiller when tacking



Week 3 Quizzical Answers

Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 3 Answers
 Scorer - Dom Losty on 12 points
1 Zulu
2 Finn Class
3 Wear a personal flotation device
4 Foynes Yacht Club
5 No. 9
6 Glandore Harbour Yacht Club
7 The incident is reported to the protest committee
8 Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club
9 Lough Swilly Yacht Club
10 Sunfish class
11 N over A - All races hare abandoned. No more racing today.
12 Blessington Lake Sailing Club
13 International Moth Class Assocaition
14 Clontarf Yacht Club
15 First substitute

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Week 2 Answers

Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 2 Answers

One Top Scorer - Luke on full marks, 20 points
1 Alternating blue and yellow lights
2 Large
3 To your right
4 Nautical chart
5 I am to the left of track
6 Two quick white flashes
7 difference between the heights of high and low tide.
8 In irons
9 You are the stand on vessel.
10 Mean high water
11 Gyroscopic compass
12 Region A
13 48 knots
14 Areas of equal depth
15 Pilot onboard
16 Wreckage which may show part of the wreck through the surface of the water. Its position is approximate.
17 Yellow lights, any rhythm not used for other lights
18 Entrance to a channel
19 49 metres
20 Safe water is to the West


Week 1 Answers


Irish Sailing Let's Get Quizzical - Week 1 Answers

Two Top Scorers - Iaino and Thomas on 18 points each 
1 Which sailor in 1998 finished the Round Ireland Race in 76 hours 23 minutes and 57 seconds Colm Barrington
2 How many kilometres per hour is 25 knots? 46 kmph
3 In Nautical terms what is a Diamond A knot
4 What is the height of the Fastnet Tower in metres 54 metres
5 Sailing is an Olympic sport. When was the first time it was included on the Olympic program Greece 1896
6 Who was the youngest sailor to complete a southern hemisphere solo circumnavigation Jessica Watson
7 A heading of 180, will take you in which direction South
8 Which Irish Sailing Staff Member is this? Rory Fitzpatrick
9 Someone asks you, "How much does she draw?" They want to know your boat's what? Draft
10 What is Freeboard Distance from the gunwhale to the waterline
11 How many compass points are there 32
12 What is the approximate distance in nautical miles from Dun Laoghaire to Port St. Mary (Isle of Man) 68 nautical miles
13 How many letters in the NATO phonetic alphabet are also men’s proper first names? 5
14 The constant readjusting of sails when traveling up wind Pointing too high into the wind
15 Who won Training Centre of the year for 2019 Malahide Sailing Club
16 What are the latest dates for the Tokyo Olympic Games 23rd July - 8th August 2021
17 Apart from a harbour, port means what? Left
18 Which country did the phrase 'Mayday' originate from France
19 What item of clothing does Irish Sailing sell through its online shop Hat
20 Which one of these is not a Galway Hooker Bád Dearg