What is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines the exciting elements of both surfing and sailing. Although it might be considered a minimalistic version of a sailboat, a windsurfer offers experiences that are outside the scope of any other sailing craft design. Windsurfers can perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning maneuvers, and other “freestyle” moves that cannot be matched by any sailboat.

Why do an Irish Sailing Training Course?

An Irish Sailing training course provides the ideal way to get afloat for the first time, or to build on skills you already have. All courses are run to a syllabus used all over Ireland and will be lead by a trained and qualified Irish Sailing Instructor. Each course is carefully designed to provide you with all of the skills and confidence you need to get you out on the water and to get the most out of your sailing.

Go Windsurfing Scheme

Choose your level or style and then the skills you want to learn -

  • Get Up + Go
  • Go4it!
  • Go! with Style
  • and the new Go Foil

Each with modules on Starting, Going, Turning and Headworks that are relevent to that skills level or style.

Where to do your Irish Sailing Training Course?

Irish Sailing Training Centres have all gone through a rigorous accreditation process to ensure that they provide high quality training in a safe environment. With Training Centres based in every corner of Ireland there are plenty to choose from for training close to home or while on holiday.

Find a training centre here

The Irish Windsurfing Association organises events and can help you find a community.

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