Personal Survival Training (PST)

This 1 day training course covers the essential skills and knowledge required should you ever need to abandon your boat. The courses are designed for commercial seafarers operating as part of a crew on large commercial vessels.

Providers are accredited and approved by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport who publish a list here.

The STCW PST certificate is accepted by the ISA for use on category 1 and 2 Offshore races.

Irish Sailing Offshore Safety Course

This 2 day training course provides sailors cruising or racing offshore with the skills and knowledge required;

  • To avoid getting into trouble offshore;
  • If you do – how to ensure that your boat and crew survive in the best possible shape; and
  • If all fails – what you do if you have to abandon to the liferaft.

The course is delivered by experienced offshore sailors and is accredited by ISAF as complying with requirements set out in ISAF OSR Section 6. As such it is the preferred training and qualification required for crew on yachts racing in category 1 or 2 offshore races and anyone cruising offshore.

The course is accepted by the Irish Government for use by Masters of licenced passenger boats.

Find a training centre here