Engine failure is the biggest single cause of lifeboat callouts to the recreational boating community. A little knowledge and a few skills in engine care, diagnostics and repair can go a long way to preventing this happening to you. It can also save you money by allowing you to understand and look after your engine, reducing your dependence on professional services.

The Irish Sailing Basic Marine Engine Course

This one day course can be tailored to a variety of boat users. While the syllabus covers all common engine types and propulsion systems, each course is tailored to the needs of those attending. In this way we can suit the training to those using all of the boats commonly used in Ireland from high speed powerboat to offshore yacht.


The course will:-

  • Develop your awareness and understanding of the different types of commonly used marine engines and propulsion systems.
  • Show you how to undertake simple measures to prevent mechanical breakdown afloat and to identify and resolve common faults that do not require workshop support.


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