Roles and Responsibilities

The Centre Principal is the primary contact for Irish Sailing and will be the person which whom Irish Sailing communicates. The Centre Principal may however inform Irish Sailing of other people assuming those roles within the organisation defined below. These responsibilities within an organisation have security roles assigned to them. These roles are allocated by Irish Sailing upon request from the Centre Principal.

Profile Manager

The Profile Manager can:

  • Manage the content and appearance of an organisation’s profile page.

Training Centre Manager

The Training Centre Manager can:

  • List and schedule planned courses for potential customers to view; and
  • Populate scheduled courses.

Training Centre Participants Manager

The Training Centre Participants Manager can:

  • Populate scheduled courses.

Certification Manager

The Certification Manager role can only be held by the Centre Principal who can:

  • Certify scheduled courses.

If you wish to have any of these roles added to your Training Centre’s profile or to the profile of others please contact Irish Sailing.  Please note that we require written confirmation of the request from your Commodore, Centre Principal or organisation’s Chairman.

Each person wishing to hold any of the above roles must be registered on the Irish Sailing Database and a member of Irish Sailing.

Upon notification of the allocated roles Irish Sailing will then allocate the appropriate permissions to each person to allow access to the relevant areas of the Irish Sailing Database.
Nuala Rahill
Senior Administrator
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