Centre Principal

Training Centres must have a “Centre Principal”.

This should be the person who has overall responsibility for the implementation of ISA accredited training and coaching activities within the organisation. When nominating the Centre Principal the following points should be noted:

  • The Centre Principal is responsible to the ISA for the conduct of ISA accredited activities within that organisation including the issuing of certificates on behalf of the ISA.
  • The Principal must clearly understand the requirements of the ISA as to the proper running of an ISA Training Centre as laid out in the ISA Recognition Requirements and elsewhere.

The Centre Principal Can:

  • Manage the content and appearance of an organisation’s profile page;
  • List and schedule planned courses for potential customers to view;
  • Populate scheduled courses; and
  • Certify scheduled courses.

The Centre Principal is the primary contact for the ISA and will be the person with whom the ISA communicates. The Centre Principal may however nominate and inform the ISA of other people assuming some of these roles within the organisation.

To Become an ISA Centre Principal

For an ISA New Centre Principal Information Pack please call Nuala in the ISA office. Included in the Pack is:

  1. Training Centre Recognition Requirements Document;
  2. Policies & Procedures Manual;
  3. Application Form to Become an ISA Centre Principal; and
  4. Application Form for Garda Vetting (Required for the incoming Centre Principal).

Upon receipt of your completed Application Form, we will be delighted to arrange an on-site visit for you with a member of the ISA Training Team:

Gail MacAllister, Regional Development Officer (South)

Ciarán Murphy, Regional Development Officer (Dublin & North)

Sarah-Louise Rossiter, Regional Development Officer (East & South East)

Nuala Rahill
Senior Administrator
+353  (0)1 271 0114

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