2023 Irish Sailing  Investwise Youth National Championships

Howth Yacht Club 13-16 April 2023

2023 Irish Sailing Investwise Youth National Championships Gallery - David Branigan
Results - 2023 Irish Sailing Investwise Youth National Championships


Results will be updated on the follow links throughout the event ...

👉 Optimist

👉 Topper and ILCA 4

👉 ILCA 6, 420 and 29er

Irish Sailing Junior Summer Squads 2023

The aim of the Irish Sailing Summer Squad programme is to prepare a team to compete at an international level.  The programme will take the form of domestic training camps, followed by event support at the chosen major internationals. It will focus on the development of the sailors led by our lead coach with input from support services such as Sports Med Ireland, Irish Sailing’s partner in strength and conditioning and physical training. The number of sailors on the team will be determined by safety, with the secondary objective of teaching the sailors how a high-performance youth sailing team works at home and abroad.

Applications for the squads will be open until April 17th. Please have a look at the selection document and programme schedule for more information on the training dates and venues and price.

👉 Application for Summer Squads HERE

2023 29er Academy

We are excited to announce the start up of the new 29er Academy. The team will be made up of three boats which will have a make up of domestic and international training and competitions. We have resourced three new boats to allow for international training and competitions to happen smoothly. As part of the academy the sailors will have coach support on the water, strength & conditioning and physio support as well as a programmed and monitored physical training programme for the body, and psychological skills for the mind. This will be backed up by a performance life skills expert to allow for better understanding and management on how to balance the demands of sailing and life.

The academy will be selected off a number of factors ...

  • Application of interest via link
  • Performances/observations at events over the last 12 months (to include the Irish Sailing Investwise Youth National Championships)
  • Feedback from the regional/club coaches
  • Feedback from the coaches running the Irish Sailing training over the winter
  • Age restriction is U19

The academy will have a continual assessment process covering application to physical training, mental skills development, technical and tactical application during on water training and event results. Every 6 months a review with the management team to see if they should remain on the academy or be released will occur to ensure consistency of development is maintained and allowing for a clear direction for the sailors to progress in.

Each team is on trial with the academy for the first 6 months to ensure they are up to the challenge of the academy, only after the first review are they officially a part of the academy.

Applications for expression of interest HERE. Deadline for application will be Sunday 23rd April.

Motivational Talks


Sailors, families and their guests are encouraged to attend the talks held straight after racing:


Sean Evans will do a post-race debrief with Irish Sailing Academy coach Milan Vujasinovic. 


Aoife Hopkins discusses the lessons she’s learned along the way of her sailing career and tips on how to make small changes for big improvements.


"First 8 months, introduction to an FX, what it takes to learn a new boat"
Irish Sailing’s 49erFX team Erin McIlwaine and Ellie Cunnane in discussion with coach Sean Evans about their transition into the 49erFX, and what it takes to race a new boat.



This is a "Clean Regattas" event registered with Sailors for the Sea. We achieved the highest standard in 2021 and 2022 with a Platinum Award from Clean Regattas ... lets do it again.
The event has a set of environmental standards to follow throughout the event, to help reduce our impact on the environment and keep our sea a cleaner place to sail.

NB: Rule 47 Environment will be active.

"47 TRASH DISPOSAL Competitors and support persons shall not intentionally put trash in the water. This rule applies at all times while afloat. The penalty for a breach of this rule may be less than disqualification."

We ask you ..

  • No Single Use Plastics - bring your bottle and use the refill station
  • Use reusable lunch bags please
  • No plastic straws 
  • Avail of the composting and recycling bins

As a venue and event management team we will also do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment during the event, with ...

  • Plastic-Free Dinnerware 
  • Encourage use of Reusable Bags
  • Responsibly sourced trophies
  • Publicising your sustainability efforts
  • Providing educational awareness of the eco system within the harbour
  • Inviting you to a 2 Minute Beach Clean Competition
  • Personal environmental messaging
  • Providing responsibily sourced meals
  • Vegetarian availability
  • A "Green Team" on site
  • Choice of waste bins
  • Food waste management
  • Paperless event management
  • Access to local bus, foot paths and bike paths
  • Eco-Smart Race Management
  • Blue Flag Marina standard toxins management
  • Encouraging "green boating" practices 

If you would like more ideas on how you can #makeadifference and help to keep our waters blue head over to www.sailing.ie/Our-Environment

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Event Meals

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