Get Ready to be Green and Keep the Waters Blue


Calling All Sailors, Boat Owners, Venues and Event Organisers The beginning of simple reminders to help us all prepare to be green in 2019 and keep our oceans and lakes blue.


Tip #1

The basics to get started is know if your club or venue has a strong recycling system. What does your own recycle company collect? Can you reuse instead? Can you help your club?

Tip #2

Having a bottle you love to use on and off the water is the first step to making a MASSIVE difference.

Reusable plastic is ok. Aluminium lightweight. Steel is the best.

Buy what suits you best and keep your faithful friend by your side.


Tip # 3

Be responsible for your own trail. 

Only leave footprints.

An Taisce have a full programme of training and advice to help us all "Leave No Trace". We can start by bringing our litter home and disposing of it correctly.

Find out more about the full programme here.

Tip # 4

What are Micro Plastics? Where do they come from?
🛁 They might be the microbeads in your toothpaste or body scrub.
👕 Synthetic clothing breaks down in your washing.
🔫 Plastics floating in the ocean DO NOT biodegrade, but break into smaller and smaller pieces.

What you do?


Tip # 5

Join your local Clean Coast group or set one up

Take a browse through

Tip # 6

Choose  your ANTI FOUL wisely and help protect our seas and waterways


Tip # 7

There are many new products on the market for cleaning that have a minimum impact on the environment. Ask your local chandlery.

Tip # 8

Servicing means you use less fuel and less likely to have spillage ... makes good sense for your pocket and the environment.


Tip # 9

Spill kits, responsible cleaning fluids, plan for disposal of waste clean up are all ways we can help to reduce our impact and keep our waters clean.


Tip # 10

If you like to snorkle then a holding tank is always a good idea ;)

Many marinas insist on one, particularly lakes. We encourage all boats to use their hold tank and avail of the empty services of your local marina.