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White Seahorse Press

White Seahorse Publishing

White Seahorse are extending a 20% discount on most of their titles to ISA members. This includes their best-selling book on anchoring: Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring

For more information, visit: https://www.whiteseahorse.ie/promo

White Seahorse Publishing is a specialty publishing services provider. They have a growing number of titles in their list and provide consulting services to authors interested in self-publishing. They can help you get your book printed on demand online, or convert it to several different eBook formats – including Amazon’s Kindle. As prior book printers, marketers, and authors, they can advise you from a knowledgeable perspective on what it takes to create, publish, launch, and promote your book.

Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring

Best-selling anchoring book on Amazon

Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way

Discover Europe’s Gem, the Wild West of the Emerald Isle

The Butterfly Effect: It started on 9/11

An “addictive page turner”

The Brotherhood; Acquisition of Power

Book 2 of the Butterfly Effect Series
Even more exciting than the first book

Oyster Delight

The definitive guide to enjoying oysters