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@ 26/03/2020

Getting your Safeguarding Qualifications

Irish Sailing in consultation with Sport Ireland Ethics Unit are implementing the following solution during the current restrictions as there is a backlog of people looking to attend safeguarding workshop. This interim solution shall stay in place until the sector is in a position to resume normal operations and people can attend the rescheduled Safeguarding 1 face to face workshops.

The following steps must be taken:

  1. Complete the free online Tusla’s Children First eLearning programme
  2. Complete the free online Sport Ireland’s Safeguarding 1 online refresher
  3. Email a copy of both these online certificates to Nuala at with your name, address and date of birth.
  4. Your Certificate will be valid for the coming season and you must attend a safeguarding 1 face to face workshop within 6 months of the resumption of activities in the sector, or as soon as possible.

If you have any queries in relation to any of the above or any other matter please do not hesitate to contact or

Club or Centre Safeguarding Statement

The following documents will help your club, class or centre become TUSLA and Sport Ireland Safeguarding Compliant.

For full details on the importance of Safeguarding standards head back to our safeguarding page for some advice from Ciaran Murphy

To help you write your own statement following link is the Irish Sailing Safeguarding Statement as a word document.  You can download this and adapt to your own organisation name and circumstance. e.g. Remove Irish Sailing, replace with Jo Bloggs Sailing Club, keep the sections that are relevant to your activities and locations etc

Irish Sailing Safeguarding Statement Jan 2020

The documents you need to fulfill your safeguarding statement

The following documents will help you to fulfill the requirements of your Safeguarding Statement (SEE ABOVE).

  1. Sport Ireland - Safeguarding Guidance for Children and Young People in Sport - PDF
  2. Children First Act 2015 - PDF
  3. Children First - National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children - PDF
  4. Training Policy 2019 - PDF
  5. Safeguarding and Wellbeing Advisory from Sport Ireland - PDF

    Documents 6 through to 26 are the Irish Sailing policy documents. In order to full fill the requirements in your own Safeguarding Statement, you can take the relevant documents below and adapt to your own organisation name and circumstance. e.g. Remove Irish Sailing, replace with Jo Bloggs Sailing Club, change locations and situations etc.
  6. Irish Sailing Safeguarding Policy 2020 - word doc download
  7. Garda Vetting Policy - word doc download
  8. Safeguarding Training Plan - word doc download
  9. Supervision Policy Jan 2020 - word doc download
  10. Social Media Policy Jan 2020 - word doc download
  11. Photography & Images Policy 2020 - word doc download
  12. WhatsApp Guidance - word doc download
  13. Accident Incident Report Template - word doc download
  14. TUSLA Child Protection and Welfare Report Form - word doc download
  15. Coach Education Policy Document - PDF
  16. Training Guide for Club Courses - PDF
  17. Disciplinary, Complaints & Appeals Procedure Jan 2020 - word doc download
  18. Physical Contact Policy Jan 2020 - word doc download
  19. Recruitment Policy Jan 2020 - word doc download
  20. Concussion Protocol for Sailing Coaches - word doc download
  21. Disability Inclusion Policy Jan 2020 - word doc download
  22. Child Officer Poster - word doc download
  23. Instructor Induction Training Resource - word doc download
  24. Codes of Conduct Jan 2020 - word doc download
  25. Instructor & Coach Charter Jan 2020 - word document
  26. Anti Bullying Policy Jan 2020 - word doc download
  27. Irish Sailing's Guide to Safe Use of eSailing Virtual Regatta Apr 2020 - pdf

Further advice is available from Ciaran Murphy on