Irish Sailing Passport



Guide for Irish Sailing Clubs & Centres


The Irish Sailing Passport is a “cloud based platform” that records progression, issues certificates and allows personal logging of each student’s progress through their sailing, powerboating and windsurfing life from first time Taste of Sailing Cert right up to International Race Judge Log.

This online record makes it easy for sailors and powerboaters to see the steps they need to take to progress through each level of their Scheme, show their progress through the programme and enable Instructors and the Club / Centre keep records up to date easily on an ongoing basis. While each student can have their own unique passport, only the Club and their designated Instructors can record a person’s progress through their Scheme and award appropriate levels on completion.

  1. The Passport outlines all course requirements and details so it replaces need for logbooks while allowing one person have all their various logbooks available through one profile.
  2. All Certificates are issued on the platform and can easily be viewed anytime or anywhere by parents, emailed to other trainers, or printed of by club or centre in whatever size or quality they wish to produce them.
  3. Students can enter and keep their own personal sailing, racing or instructing log which can easily be shared with Trainers or Race Officials when required in years’ time.
  4. Clubs and Centres will have immediate access to their own generated database to email or call students or parents directly and will have their statistical data at the touch of button.
  5. The platform facilitates clubs and centres offering their members access to an online booking and payment system for any of their own courses.

Useful Resource Files

Roll Out of Irish Sailing Passport Schemes in 2017

Small Boat Sailing Scheme

  • Sailing Passport Scheme Fully operational from Jan 1
  • No Paper Logs or Certs will be published or sold by Irish Sailing from Jan 1

Power Boat Scheme

  • Power Boat Level 1 & 2 Course & Certs on Passport System available from Jan 1
  • Online Powerboat Certification System will change to Passport Certs from Jan 1
  • Paper Logbook and Certs for all Powerboat Scheme will be available until 30 Dec ‘17

Windsurfing Scheme

  • Full Windsurfing Scheme will be on Passport Platform from Spring 2017
  • Paper Logbook and Certs for Windsurf Scheme will be available until 30 Dec ‘17

Other Schemes

  • Irish Sailing Race Official Courses and Certification now available
  • All Irish Sailing Instructor Pre-Entry Assessments & Certification now available
  • World Sailing Sea Survival & Day Skipper Certification now available

More here on how the Irish Sailing Passport works?