Kayaks and Canoes

KAYAKING & CANOEING                    :::Logo:CANOE UNION LOGO Final gold09.jpg

By Canoeing Ireland  & Galway Kayak Club


  • 20+ Single Kayaks, each for 1 participant, sit-inside
  • 3 or 4 x Canadian Canoes, each for 3-4 people participants
  • 2 x 3 person sit-on top kayaks, for either 2 participants + instructor or 2 - 3 participants.
  • 2 Canoeing Ergometers (machines) will be available (similar to rowing orgometers above)

Some kayaks have support seats.

Transfer from wheelchairs can be enabled utilizing our hoist.

Specialist surf instructor experienced working with autism / profound physical or intellectual needs, available for one-on-one sessions by limited appointment

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