2022 Irish Sailing Cruising Conference

"Overcoming Challenges"

Saturday 19 February 2022
5pm to 8pm on ZOOM
€5 entry - all for RNLI

We raised €764 for RNLI

We invited you to join us on the high seas with four incredible skippers as they share some of the challenges they experienced on their adventures and how they overcame them. All on zoom in the comfort of your living room. Slide on the slippers and join ...

  • Peter Lawless sharing "Should I Stay or Should I Go"
  • Ellen Cahill with that great message all sailors are well aware of "Expect the Unexpected in the Atlantic"
  • Garry Crothers the man that really did sail "Single Handed Across the Atlantic"
  • Rob Henshall shares stories with Norman Keane on effects of "Exhaustion and Sleep Deprivation" 

Videos of their interviews are now available on our youtube channel HERE. If you want to see them as they come why not subscribe while you are there.

We had interviews, stories, video and images, followed by a chance for you to join in with questions and answers.

There will also had a few break-out rooms for you to join the sailors and other specialists for some great advice on ...

  • anchoring,
  • flying your drone,
  • releasing yourself from an unexpected pot!

Tickets were €5 and all the proceeds went to the RNLI.

Every ticket holder was entered in to win an amazing package of goodies wortth €380 thanks to Union Chandlery. Carefully selected to make sure you are prepared for your adventures this summer ...

  • Lewmar One Touch Powergrip Winch Handle (we all love this)
  • Vetrus Waterproof Binoculars (even if you already have a pair, two makes to sets of eyes)
  • Odea Distress Led Flare with Infra Red Lithium Batteries (lets hope you never need it)

Thanks also goes out to our faithful supporters of Cruising Association of Ireland  and  Kilrush Marina.

PLUS ...

We have 3 books from ICC Publications AND 2 nights in a Marina Pod at Kilrush Marina