Event Sustainability

The Irish Sailing Pathfinder Women at the Helm Regatta is an ECO friendly with reusable signs, no unnecessary printing, no single use plastic, easily accessible hydration, upcycled prizes, wildlife registering AND MUCH MORE

Registered Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta and aiming for PLATINUM.

The Green Team is
Tim O'Brien, Susan Spain, Gail MacAllister


  1. ECO OFFICER / GREEN TEAM … Ensuring we are committing to all standards and stretching to achive more where possible.
  2. WASTE … Providing clearly labelled set of waste recycling bins.
  3. WATER … Label drinking water taps for refillable bottles.
  4. REDUCE OR REMOVE … zero single use plastic request for participants and by the club.
  5. NOR … Sustainability is in our NOR.
  6. SAILORS FOR THE SEA … We are registered and aiming for PLATINUM - the highest set of standards possible https://www.sailorsforthesea.org/
  7. REDUCE … Consideration is given to the amount the amount of waste that ends up in the ecosystem following the event in all activities, including branded goody-bags.
  8. SHARE .. we are commited to sharing our environmental message and guidelines.


Sustainability goes beyond plastics and refuse.
We are also looking at ...

  1. Source of food and drinks
  2. Education and Legacy
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Transportation Options and carbon footprint of your transport to the event
  5. Collaboration and Sharing
  6. Signage & Clothing Materials
  7. Accommodation sharing
  8. The next step - where does the message lead after the event?

A few useful links for you -

Notice of Race

Irish Sailing recommend that competitors, team leaders, coaches, volunteers, race officers and all stakeholders endeavour to follow the following guidelines at the Irish Sailing Pathfinder Women at the Helm Event ...

From Sailing Instructions

22. Environment Sustainability

22.1 This event is registered with Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas. Competitors, team leaders, coaches, volunteers, race officers and all stakeholders will be asked to follow these guidelines.

  1. Results will be displayed on line at www.sailing.ie/pathfinderwomenatthehelm/results
  2. Bring your own reusable bottles and lunch containers – event will have a zero single use plastic policy.
  3. Care to be taken to dispose of all waste in the appropriate bins provided – landfill, recycle, compost.
  4. Rule 55 will be imposed –
    • 55 TRASH DISPOSAL A competitor shall not intentionally put trash in the water. This rule applies at all times while afloat. The penalty for a breach of this rule may be less than disqualification.
  5. Complete an event travel audit on registration.
  6. Request for “Water Only” wash down and only as required.
  7. Zero use of harmful clean products at event site – bio cleaning fluid is made available if required.
  8. All support motor vessels to have a bilge pad on board – available from registration desk foc.
  9. Any waste created in yard from maintenance to be collected and disposed of appropriately. No wash off allowed.
  10. Any collisions with wildlife or site of injured wildlife to be reported to race office.
  11. All support boats to register and numbers will be kept to a minimum, with pooling recommended where possible.
  12. See event sustainability page for further details on sustainability efforts and advise https://www.sailing.ie/Events/Irish-Sailing-Pathfinder-Women-at-the-Helm/-Event-Sustainability


  • The GREEN TEAM is Gail MacAllister, Susan Spain and Tim OBrien and they have gained the support of the full event committee and club employees.
  • The weekend will be low paper use, with on line bookings, results and keeping printing to a minimum.
  • We have invited Flossie and the Beach Cleaners to join us on Saturday and give sailors and visitors a chance to find out about the hard work Flossy and her community group put in to keeping the coastline of Dun Laoghaire clean.
  • To remind ourselves why need to take good care of our coastline, we invite everyone to share their coastal photos on our facebook feed and enter a competition for most impactful picture.
  • All the awards are from recycled materials –
    • Bags from recycled sail cloth by AK Sails
    • Pictures of sail boats from repurposed “Drift Glass & Pottery” by Beachjuls
    • Change purses from upcycled wetsuits by the Upcycle Movement
    • And the Perpetual Trophy from is made from Bog Ash and Copper by Celtic Roots
  • Single use plastic bottles will NOT be available to buy, sailors are asked to bring reusable bottles and refills are available from the bars or outside tap.
  • The food served is responsibly sourced and traced. Vegetarian options are available throughout the event.
  • All dinner ware is recyclable, no plastic straws. The bar will be requesting a reuse cup for take away coffees to encourage a reduction in take away cups being used.
  • Waste is all recycled and composted from the kitchen and clearly labled bins are in the boat yard for sailors.
  • Site will be continually monitored by the GREEN TEAM for any litter and Rule 55 (Trash Disposal) is in action and waste in bins will be audited.
  • Race officials will not be given plastic lunch bags, they have been asked to bring their own bags.
  • Sailors are encouraged to avail of public transport and the bike racks.
  • There are 2 electric car spaces now outside the National Yacht Club.
  • We are running an energy audit on the venue to establish if energy usage can be reduced and particpants will be asked to share their travel details so we can calculate their travel carbon footprint. Donations at the Movie Night will be given to carbon offset charity.
  • Boats are requested not to discharge at sea and can travel to Dun Laoghaire Marina for pump out services.
  • Boat washdowns are water only and Bio Wash is available is suds are required.
  • All motor boats are given a bilge bio sock for spillage and the club has emergency spillage equipment in place.
  • Waste from boat maintenance is contained.
  • Powerboats are four-stroke RIBS, which can run economically and an support boats must register to help the event manage the numbers and give boat pooling recommendations.
  • Cetacean identification information is available from IWDG https://iwdg.ie/species/.
  • Cetacean encounters are to be reported directly to IWDG - https://records.iwdg.ie/sighting.php?sid=x