The Junior Champions Cup


The Junior Champions Cup is the junior version of the senior Champions Cup with a different race format and nomination process.

Nominations are requested from Class Associations affiliated to Irish Sailing. The nominee and crew chosen must be members of their class association in order to be nominated and are nominated because they are the class national champion for that year only if the class has 6 or more junior boats at their event.


A steering group makes the 16-place selection from the nominations received based on a set criteria:


  1. Ensure representation of as many of the Classes as is reasonable.
  2. The SG may select up to 2 Wild Cards for Female Helms that are deemed worthy of an invitation to the Event. The helms are selected based on their finishing results at the selected qualifying event for their Class, expressed as a percentage of the overall number of competing boats/helms. If a Female Helm is in first place at the event, then she would take the automatic class nomination. The Class Associations shall submit their Female Helm nominees for consideration to the SG. 
  3. President’s Choice: This nominee will be awarded to the sailor who, at the discretion of the President of Irish Sailing, has delivered a performance worthy of qualification for the event. The Class Associations and Individual Helms may submit suggestions for the consideration of the President.
  4. Junior Classes considered for nominations include the Optimist, RS Feva, 420, Topper, ILCA 4, ILCA 6, Wazsp, 29er, and Mirror along with team racing.
  5. The ‘non-Junior’ Classes that may be considered are ones that either organise a specific Junior Championship event or have a Junior Category prize at their National Championships – these would include the ILCA 7, GP 14, IDRA 14, Mermaid, RS 200 etc.
  6. Any Class that organises its Nationals in conjunction with an International event shall only consider the number of boats eligible to win the title of Irish Champion in calculating the qualifying attendance.
  7. Classes shall be required to provide full details of their qualification event in accordance with requirements. Classes may nominate up to three nominees. On completion of the nominations meeting, each Class shall be informed of how many places it has been awarded. A Class shall not nominate a sailor who has finished outside the top 15% of youths in their National Championships.
  8. Where a Class allocates sailors to specific fleets at their Championship by reference to their age rather than their ability, then the onus for deciding a selection mechanism for their nominees shall fall on the Class.


At the event the 16 teams race in identical boats in a full fleet format of up to 8 races plus 1 double-points medal race for the top 10 teams to decide the Champion of Champions for that year.