Irish Sailing Cruising Conference

The Irish Sailing Cruising Conference is usually on a "no Rugby day" in February every year.

We like to move the conference around each year and to make sure the event is accessible to each geographical region.
2021 will go into the cloud and we are moving to April.

2021 is Re-scheduled to 22nd April 2021
18:30 to 20:30 plus time to chat

"Bringing You Behind the Scenes"

You will be joining us Behind the Scenes of our industry and a taking close look at Venturing Vessels that go a little further than most.

Registration will open soon



supported by

Cruising Association of Ireland and Kilrush Marina


Email Gail if you have any questions at all

The 2020 Conference was all about "Exploration and Discovery"

So who did we have lined up?

  • 9:30 - 10:15 Registration 
  • 10:15 Welcome from Harry Hermon and Gail MacAllister
  • 10:30 Met Eireann Meteorologist and Wave Expert, Sarah Gallagher, will be talking about WAVES, how we forecast them and how they affect our shores.
  • 11:05 The highly respected ornithologist and Antarctic wildlife tour leader, Jim Wilson, will be sharing the story of the discovery of Antarctica by Irish man Edward Bransfield.
  • 11:50 Damian Foxall, Niall MacAllister and Lucy Hunt are leading a series of expeditions in Antarctica this winter and will be sharing a message from the ice and give an on the ground feel for life out there.
  • 12:05 Jamie Young, Expedition Leader, Skipper and joint owner of Killary Adventure Company, will be having a “fireside” chat about his trip to Greenland and the Arctic Circle and what he has learned from his icy adventures. He will also be inviting the audience to the about 'Sail Trading' (shipping with wind).
  • 13:00 Lunch in the National Yacht Club dining room (Chicken and Vegetarian options to suit everyone).
  • 14:00 Racing sailor and adventure cruising sailor, Christine Heath, will share her travels sailing her Shipman28 to Holland, Sweden, Norway and Scotland these past few years. She is now nestled in Kilrush Marine and looking forward to exploring our wonderful west coast in 2020.
  • 14:35 Remember Vera Quinlan was heading off with her husband and children to sail round the Atlantic Circle? Vera will share a video message of their adventures so far.
  • 15:00 Toni O’Leary of Union Chandlery gives some professional advice on anode types and galvanic corrosion and more environmentally friendly anode options.
  • 15:40 Norman Keane has been busy sailing round Ireland with his drone and will present a Round Ireland on an Aircraft Carrier - the Irish coast from seaward with a flying camera.
  • 16:00 Norman has also been working the subject of diesel - what colour is yours and what will happen if we are caught with it in our tanks?
  • 16:10 Cruising Association of Ireland will give us an insight into their plans for 2020 cruising.
  • 16:20 Royal Cork Yacht Club share their plans to celebrate Cork 300 with the Wild Atlantic Way Cruising in Company.
  • 16:30 Raffle draw to win something one of the following super prizes ...

One lucky delegate will take home the 
Union Chandlery spot prize of a Seago 190 Pro Lifejacket
currently valued at €210.

or perhaps one of 2 Kilrush Marina POD overnight stays or services from Kilrush Marina

or a copy of the new South and West or North and East Sailing Directions from ICC Publications
or maybe a copy of Cruising Ireland

Or a Bio Sok from Irish Sailing, to keep your engine bilges clean this season