Cruising Route: Wexford to Dungarvan Ireland

Wexford to DungarvanWexford Harbour is shallow but well marked and the river channel at the town has good shelter from all winds. With little rise and fall of tide, Wexford Harbour is not recommended if your draft is 1.8m or more. The boat club has moorings.



Wexford to Kilmore Quay (24 miles)

The waters near Carnsore Point have strong tides, and it’s worthwhile to pick your timing with care. Rosslare is a busy ferry port with no facilities for yachts, but an alongside berth is sometimes available and it’s a handy place for crew changes. There is good anchorage if waiting for the tide. The passage to Kilmore Quay is well marked, with the Splaugh and Fundale buoys north of Carnsore Point. St Patrick’s Bridge is a gravel bar joining the Little Saltee Island to the shore – it has 2.4m of water and is marked by buoys.

Kilmore Quay is a picturesque fishing village with thatched houses and plenty of restaurants, and lively pubs. There’s a small marina in the harbour, and a good chandlery.

The Saltee Islands (8 mile round trip from Kilmore Quay)

Great Saltee Island is a bird sanctuary with colonies of gannets, puffins and many other birds, and it’s a breeding ground for grey seals. The south coast of the island is worth a visit, with secluded sheltered coves as temporary anchorages.

Kilmore Quay to Dunmore East (16 miles)

The tides slacken west of Kilmore Quay, and in settled weather Hook Head can be approached closely. The fishing harbour of Dunmore East is on the west side at the mouth of Waterford Harbour. Dunmore East harbour is very crowded but anchorage is available in the cove to the north. The village has shops, restaurants and pubs and a good Adventure Centre.

Dunmore East to Waterford (15 miles) and New Ross (18 miles)

The estuary of the Rivers Suir and Barrow is very scenic. The rivers are well marked ; Waterford is a busy port and New Ross handles cargo vessels too. Waterford is a Viking and medieval city which is the home of the world famous Waterford Crystal. The marina is located in the centre of the city with good facilities in the harbour office. Plenty to do with shopping, museums, restaurants and pubs. To reach New Ross, a masted yacht has to get the Barrow swing bridge opened, which takes an hour’s notice and a phonecall. Details are in the Sailing Directions. New Ross has good facilities and a marina. Near the town is the ancestral home of US President John F.Kennedy. Visit the Dunbrody, a replica famine emigrant ship moored at the quay.

Dunmore East to Dungarvan

This is an easy sail along a friendly coastline known as the Copper Coast. Tidal streams are slight. Helvick Harbour on the south side of Dungarvan Bay is a good stopover spot, with anchorage west of the small fishing harbour . There’s a shop and pub. Dungarvan is a busy town with a largely drying harbour at the head of a shallow but well-marked channel between sandbanks. There’s a pontoon in the harbour. Friendly sailing club, good supermarkets, restaurants and pubs.

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Wexford to Dungarvan – thanks to Dermot Greer of Sailing Ireland, Kilmore Quay

Thanks goes to Norman Kean of ICC Publications for contributions, editing and charts adapted from their publication “Cruising Ireland”.



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