Regional Development

Irish Sailing Regional Development Officers

The Regional Development Team will help you deal with all aspects of running your club or training centre, from administration to participation and back again. Take a look at some of the initiatives and support they provide. Please don’t hesitate to contact them directly.


Thursday 18th June 2015, Dublin: Ciaran Murphy ISA Regional Development Officer (West & North)

Ciaran Murphy | | +353 (0)87 880 0744

Regional Development Officer (Western & N.Ireland), specialising in:

Participation Initiatives | Disabled Sailing |Cara Na Mara | Code of Ethics


ISA Try Sailing launch Gail MacAllister | | +353 (0)86 2214724

Regional Development Officer (Southern), specialising in:

Cruising | Women on the Water | Portal Web sites


ISA Try Sailing launch Sarah-Louise Rossiter | | +353 (0)87 939 0488

Regional Development Officer (East & South East), specialising in:

Powerboating | Racing | Classes


What do they do?

The Irish Sailing has three Regional Development Officers on hand to help your organisation grow and develop, and are available on the ground to meet with your organisation answer your questions, put you in touch with LSP’s and help source funding.

Funding advice, web support, training support, contacts, training support, representations to local authorities, WOWI, Disabled Sailing programmes, school sailing support, Sail Fleet Dinghies, cruising support, web advice and more – see below for more detail.

Support offered to clubs

  • Maintain database of club committee contacts
  • Offering a yearly meeting with club committees
  • Action solutions to any issues arising
  • Provide advice directly to club on any funding, structural, planning issues arising
  • Create awareness to management of any ongoing issues
  • Ensure clubs are aware of on line services provided to them by Irish Sailing
  • Develop club clusters and encourage clubs to support each other

Support offered to training

Support new or expanding Training Centres
Meet Training centres as requested or require
Encourage links between Training Centres and other Irish Sailing affiliated organisations
Conduct centrre inspections and clinics
Maintain database of Centre Principals, provide Centre Principal Orientation training
Assist in development of Irish Sailing Instructor & Coach training courses
Moderate Instructor training courses as requested / required
Deliver Instructor coach training programmes
Deliver Senior Instructor training progrdammes
Assist in development of Irish Sailing Training programmes
Assist in delivery of Irish Sailing Training programmes


Awareness of the regional LSP programmes
Develop connections between clubs and LSP’s where possible
Link clubs with LSP training programmes
Assist sourcing and advise on funding opportunities available
Relations with funding sources
Assist with funding applications

Local Authorities

Develop relationships with key personnel in each Local Authority
Monitor and input into all relevant legislation, regulations and byelaws
Promote water based amenity management strategy for use by Local Authorities
Establish and develop relationships with Water Safety Co-ordinators
Promote safe responsible participation
Promote & support coastal development for marine infrastructure
Maintain communications & relations with area engineers

Participation Development Projects

School Sailing – advise clubs & training centres on implementing school sailing projects
School Sailing – implement funding opportunities for schools sailing projects
Disabled Sailing – Relations with IDSA
Disabled Sailing – advise clubs & training centres in implementing a disabled sailing programme
Disabled Sailing – run CDPW courses for instructors
Sail Spree – Promote and support national implementation
New Target Groups – identify specific new target groups and assist in implementation of programmes

WOWI – increase participation of women in watersports through promotion and support
WOWI – encourage clubs & training centres to run WOWI activities
Cruising – promote coastline & coastal infrastructure
Cruising – provide clubs, centres and users with infrastructural information

Sail Fleet Dinghies – create of inclusive, fair & enforceable programme
Sail Fleet Dinghies – delivery, maintenance, management off distribution of dinghies
Powerboat Competition – create competition programme
Powerboat Competition – implement and manage programme yearly

Communication / Promotion

Support Irish Sailing Communications Officer at events and in implementing initiatives
Attend events as required
Support web development
Creation of portal web sites as requested – free to al lSA affiliated clubs and centres
Support management visits

The Regional development Officers are here to support Irish Sailing Affiliated organisations and help make their voice heard.