Strategic Plan

The Strategic Review Group (SRG) was established by the Irish Sailing Board in November 2013 to carry out a fundamental review of sailing in Ireland and of the Irish Sailing Association. Over a four month period they consulted widely with clubs, members, Irish Sailing staff, training centres, government bodies and other relevant sources.

On the 20th of March 2015, they presented their report to the Irish Sailing Board, a copy of which is set out below. The Board considered the report and unanimously accepted its findings. The report identified a number of key areas where attention is required to address short-comings. In addressing the way forward, the Board embarked on a path to bring about fundamental change to sailing in Ireland. In order to ensure that these areas receive the attention that they require, each Board member has been allocated responsibility for an area and will be the chair of a group that will develop policy for that area – full details here.

The chair of each policy group identified suitable people to serve as members of their policy groups. These are volunteers from a broad spectrum of Irish sailing who will bring their expertise and knowledge to the benefit of the Association and help determine the policy that will drive the new process and provide oversight as the work proceeds.

Irish Sailing Strategic Plan

Irish Sailing Strategic Plan 2015 to 2020

To see a copy of any previous Strategic Plans please contact Chief Executive Harry Hermon