Scheduling a Course

This is a new facility being offered to ISA Training Centres and is intended to make it easier for potential clients to find the courses they want. All ISA courses scheduled by Training Centres online can now be viewed on the ISA website see here. This link can be accessed on the homepage of the website and is a fantastic way for the public to view courses running.

To download a copy of how to schedule courses online see here.

Access to the functions described in these instructions are restricted to;
“Training Centre Manager & Centre Principals”.

If you wish to have this role added to your profile or to the profile of others please contact:
Alison Beirne on  01 271 0114 or
We do require written confirmation of the request from your Commodore, Centre Principal or Chairman.

Scheduling Instructor Courses

Before you consider scheduling Instructor Courses you need to take the following steps.

Read the following document. This document outlines details and guidelines on setting up and running ISA Instructor & Coach Training Courses.

For Instructor Trainer contact details see here.
Schedule/Register your course online. Course approval takes 1-2 working days after which time your course will appear on the courses running list.
Before you put any candidates forward for the instructor course make sure all of your candidates fulfill all the pre-requisites necessary for the course in question.

For example for a basic Dinghy Instructor Course ensure all candidates are 17, have a National Powerboat Certificate, VHF Certificate, First Aid Certificate and have passed the pre-entry assessment.

For details on pre-entry assessments and pre-requisites for courses see here.
Once candidates fulfill all requirements ask your course participants to register with the ISA online using their current email address. This means your candidates have created their own ISA profile which they will need as Instructors. If candidates already hold an instructor qualification they already have an ISA profile and DO NOT need to re-register. Once numbers have been finalised contact the ISA to order instructor packs.


Who can run instructor and coach training couses?

ISA Training Centres may run Instructor Training courses to up to the level for which they are recognised to run personal skills courses.

For example;

Your organisation may be recognised to run up to Improving Skills in the Small Boat Sailing Scheme. Since these courses are provided by ISA Sailing Instructor (Dinghy) you may run the ISA Sailing Instructor (Dinghy) Training Course.

Do you need course approval?

Approval to run an Instructor / Coach Training must be obtained from the ISA at least one calendar month prior to the start of the course.

What facilities are required?

The Course Director and the Course Trainer must agree on what facilities / equipment are required and who is responsible for providing them when the course is being booked.

What is the pre-course administration?

When submitting applications all details must be completed including the names of all the Instructor Trainers who will be working on the instructor training course. A list of ISA Instructor Trainers with contact details is available on the ISA website and from the ISA Office.

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